Monday, December 21, 2015


Friends and Family,

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know we lack 4 days....but you´re gonna have to forgive me for an early Merry Christmas Wish! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas/Holiday season and can remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas....He lives!!! Check out this sweet video, I like it.

I am a little short on time because today we had a crazy fun activity! One of the districts in the zone went to ´´Baños de Santa Agua´´, and because his district is full of Sister missionaries, we ´´had´´ to go to accompany him. It was DOPE!!! Baños is a little tiny pueblo right in between the Sierras (mountains) and the Oriente (jungle) and is a HUGE tourism attraction. It is full of waterfalls and zoos and awesome Ecuadorian stuff. Today we went to the big zoo they have and it was great and extremely beautiful. It was similar to American Zoos, except all the landscaping and epic animal habitats were almost 100% naturally made. And it was overlooking a waterfall/river....word.

Last night we went Caroling with the branch. About 20 of us in a school bus tearing up the streets of Riobamba. It was great! We got to visit a lot of new members, less activates, and some old members who live alone. It was wonderful and the Christmas Spirit was STRONG! 

Well, we got a crazy week coming up. Probably going back to Guaranda Wednesday, Tuesday divisions with Elder A, Wednesday night Branch Christmas Party, Thursday a few Christmas eve dinners and Friday SKYPE with the fam! Cant wait!

I love you all and hope you have a great holiday season.

´´Did you know that Ecuador is the country with the highest biological diversity in the world?´´  
Elder Sorensen

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Part 1

Hey all. How´s it going?
This week was even crazier, but one heck of a week! 
On Tuesday we went down to Guaranda, a cool little city that is a few hours outside of Riobamba. We got some solid divisions done with four elders down there. The city is a lot like Riobamba...small, colonial, lots of indigenous. It was a WAY cool bus ride! We got to basically make a big 2 hour circle around Chimborazo (that massive Volcano we went to a few weeks ago). It was great. Aside from the AWFUL Chicha music that was played the whollllle ride home while we tried to sleep. Oh well, embrace the culture, right? :)
Christmas w/ the MTC comp

On Thursday we bused down to Quito as a zone. There was a big accident so we were stopped for about an hour..but we had the whole zone on the bus so it was a great chance to get to know the missionaries better and a have a nice little rest from the work. We then got McDonalds as a zone and slept in the mission hotel. Friday we had an annual Christmas Conference/Dinner from 9am-5pm. It was GREAT. Some great trainings. Three by President and one by us on ´´Ha Nacido un Salvador´´ (A Savior is Born). We ate sooooo much good food. Snacks/treats every hour during the conference and then a DANG GOOD Christmas Dinner of turkey, stuffing, mashed Ps, bomb salad, REAL rolls, gravy, and other good stuff. And 2 BOMB desserts...I love American food. And Hermana Christensen, she is the best! We then had a fun ride home and got into Riobamba at around 11 Friday night. 

Our Christmas talent. Forgot to tell ya'll, I am now quad-lingual.

We only have 2 full days in our sector, but got TO WORK while we could. My comp and I are having a great time together and really meshing as far as the teaching and missionary work goes. Its a happy Holiday Season down in Ecuador. 
Love you all!

Monday, December 7, 2015


Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas Devotional last night! If you didnt see it! We got to watch it with some gringos and one family from Utah who lives here in was excellent! 

It was a crazy busy/great first week of the change. We had about 3 days to work in our sector due to having so much stuff to get done. This week will be similar. Tomorrow we will go down to Guaranda to do splits with 4 missionaries down there, and then on Thursday/Friday we will go into Quito as a zone for Christmas Dinner/Conference at President´s house! We are sooo excited!

The work is going well. My comp and I are getting along GREAT! We are so happy to be back with gringos and speaking a lil english. It has been sweet. It is gonna be an amazing holiday season down here in little Riobamba.
Hope you all have a great week! Love you all. Thanks for everything. 

Monday, November 30, 2015


A few weeks ago we met up with the Zone Guaranda....and a few weeks latter now we are one big happy zone. Exciting stuff!

Well, my comp died. It was a sad week, but he lives close (about 6 hours in bus) so he is planning on coming to visit soon. He´s a beast and finished STRONG!
Changes came. Im staying here. The zone Guaranda (the whole province of Bolivar) just got combined with our zone, so we now have about 10 more missionaries in the zone, a total of 26. With 12 sisters. Our sister trainers have a lot of work to do this change, haha! I am also really excited because we will get to travel down to the other province and get to know a little bit more of thie awesome country! My new comp is Elder B, from Arizona. He is from my group and I have known him since the MTC in Mexico...we were just in the same zone 2 changes ago in Santo Domingo...he is following me! We are excited...with the new/big zone and the companionship. Also, Elder A is staying here for his 4th straight change! Gonna be training along with 4 others in the zone...gonna be an exciting/busy change! And we have some trips to Quito for Christmas Conference and another conference...lets goo!! We gotta sacrifice some writing time to go find some new houses for missionaries who arrived today....sorry mom. <3
Love you all. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Hope the letter from last week finally got to you guys..

Elder Sorensen

Monday, November 23, 2015


Cali Reppin on Chimborazo a few weeks ago

So I don`t forget, I`d like to start out by expressing some Thanksgiving love... Thanksgiving isn`t celebrated down here, but we are gonna have a little Thanksgiving pot-luck/Farewell for my comp this Thursday and share what we are thankful for. Even though the turkey and taters and jello pretzle salad will be missed....I think this Thanksgiving I will be feeling more thankful for my life and all the things I have more than any other year. So a few things I am thankful for... 
  • My family. I find my self thinking almost every single day ``How epic is my family`` and ``How the heck did my parents do it``. I am soooo grateful for my direct parents/siblings, my absolutely amazing grandparents (Burkes, Sorensens, Hausknechts), all my cousins and second counsins and aunts and uncles. And this year I am especially grateful for the two new members of my family who will be joining the Sorensen Crew (good luck....) in a few months. Sup Amanda/she-who-has-not-be-named. <3 My 3 siblings are the 3 biggest examples for me...they motivate me to be better and do all I can to fill at least half of the huge shoes they have left me. (no, Jeff...wasnt a big-foot joke;)) 

  • God. A few years ago I believed in God, but knew nothing about Him. After almost a year and half teaching people about my Father in Heaven and all the amazing blessings He has given us, I now KNOW my Heavenly Father and am so grateful for all He does for me everyday. And like it says in John 3:16, He loves us so much that he gave is Only Begotten to die for us and save us. I am equally grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. For the example He gave me. I try every day to be a little bit more like him...a better friend, teacher, listener, son, missionary, and person. 

  • My friends. I have the best friends in the world. To my BYU homies who have been HUGE examples for me...thanks. To all my Davis friends who have taught me so much about life and the world and myself, thanks. I`d name you all...but I`d run out of ink. ;) 

  • La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. My dad was raised in this church by his incredible parents, and my mom took a big leap of faith and joined the church alone as a teenage girl. I am so grateful for all that they, and this church, have taught me, and for the man I have become thanks to them/it. This church is true. I say it many times every is true. And it can bless and change your life, as it has changed mine for good. 

  • The mission. I can`t even image where I would be right now in my life if I didnt make this choice to come on the mission. 2 years ago I had no idea if I could do this and if I would do this....but am sooo grateful for the decision I made and all the help I received to prepare/get out here.  

  • Ecuador. 2 years ago I didnt even know where Ecuador was...and now not a day goes by where my love for this country doesnt grow. These people have taught me how to be grateful for what I have, and how to WORK. There are so many people I have met down here who I will never forget.  

  • USA. I don`t know what I did to be so privledged to be born in a free, beautiful, epic country...but I am sooo grateful for my childhood (shoutout to the D-Towns...detroit/davis!) and all the opportunities I have had and continue receiving because I was born in the United States. We got a lot to improve, be we already improved a lot more than we think. What up, Red White and Blue.  
BYU tie from Lima Peru Temple...thanks Cam

Well, I don`t really have much more to say after that. It was a great week, had a great interview with President Christensen on Saturday, a great Riobamba District Conference on Sunday with some killed talks from Pte C and his counselors, and a solid week of work. Am currently back in Quito for another conference was a solid 5 hour trip and we are looking forward to the 5 hours tomorrow. (Dont worry, pops, still got a little sarcasm in me!) 

Love you all! Have an EPIC Thanksgiving and eat DOUBLE for me! Thanks for everything, foreal. 

Chicken. The chicks love me.

Monday, November 16, 2015



These weeks are going by faster than Usain Bolt in the 200m dash. My comp is officially down to 13 days left in the mission, and we are doing all we can to make sure that he finishes the mish working like crazy and leaving all he can on the field. (Sup, Pops.) We had a really good, fast, average week. A few highlights were....

-Splits with Elder A (MTC comp). Tuesday to Wednesday Elder A and I were reunited. About 15 months ago we were comps in the MTC, not being able to speak Spanish, having no idea what we were about to get into, and living up the new missionary life. This week was super dope because we worked like crazy, taught like crazy, I taught him the art of the bus contact, and we went hard on some american food (pizza and carl´s jr...). I have no idea where the time is going but at least we are doing all we can to make it count!!

-Baptisms/epic branch activity. On Friday, two sons of two different families were baptized. Both families had been less active for a few years, and on Friday their families became complete (as far as being members of the church goes, hahaha). It was a great baptismal service and has been sweet seeing huge changes in these two family’s lives. Afterwards we had a DOPE branch activity. Basically, each organization made a typical food of Ecuador, and everyone (like 80 people!!!) just had a good time eating a ton of delish food and learning about temples and how they can become an eternal family. Does that sound like an amazing combo, or what?

-Cool district activity to a little lagoon 30 minutes outside of the city. Thats about it...haha, we went to a cool little lagoon!

-and...thats about it. Oh yeah, a 20 year old homie, J, left today to Peru to serve a mission. He is a beast and helped us sooo much, he is gonna kill it. We had a cool little farewell with his fam...bomb food!! I now have 3 great friends who I met in the mish who are now serving in Guatemala, Peru, and Bolivia.... this obra is REAL!

Oh, also...shout out to all those affect by what went down in Paris...found out from a random guy who we met on the street who told me what happened. We are praying for all of those affected like crazy and I just want to remind you all that God is more powerful than any terrorist/evil that exists....TRUST IN HIM!

Love you all...

Monday, November 9, 2015


Okay, its not Christmas...yet. But I did have a snowball fight today!!! Today we climbed (not to the top...dont trip, mama bear) Chimborazo!! It is supposedly the highest summit from the center of the earth!!! There are volcanos a good amount taller...but due to being on the equator and the earths oval shape....its the highest summit. #Science. Jaja. It was epic!!!! I hadnt seen snow since BYU like 5 years ago (or 1.5 years ago....the years blend together these days). We couldnt see anything the whole drive up the base of the volcano, as it was crazy cloudy and foggy, but once we got up to the 1st and 2nd refuge it was SUPER CLEAR. We basically hopped above all the clouds....epic. I dont have too much to right about ill just send a bunch of pics. It was like a 2 hour drive from Riobamba to the 1st refuge, and then about an hour hike up to the second refuge. Met people from like 10 different countries... I felt like I was in the beginning of my mish again... #communicationprobs

The trip to Quito was chill. Ended up staying this Monday-Wednesday cause my comp had a knee appointment (all is well). We chilled in the offices Tuesday night and Wednesday until 4pm....I almost jumped out the window. It was sooooo boring/hard sitting in a chair for so much time. Upside, watched every video you can imagine on downside....felt like a elephant trapped in a bathroom stall. (No, I´m not thaaaaat fat...yet). 
Missionary Leadership Council on Tuesday was good. Got to spend a lot of time with my boy Elder U and see a few other buds. The conference was good. Learned alot. Next month we are gonna start a mission wide bus contacting movement. My comp and I tested it out a few time this week. Surprisingly, Ecuadorians pay a lot of a attention to a huge gringo talking about God in the front of a bus that he doesn´t even fit in...EPIC. Feeling a lil big more like Dan Jones every day, jaja!
On Saturday we had a sisters conference. Where all the sisters in the zone get together and us and the Sister Trainers train about different phases of missionary work. It went really well, and we ate cake at the end. Score.

Well, thats about it. Oh yeah! Carebear asked me some Qs....

Are you getting daily meals or cooking for yourself? 
We eat lunch every day with a member from the neighboring branch, and then make dinner in the house. If we have time/are close to home we hit a lil dinner break, if not we just make a lil something when we get home. As in Tuna Sammys and Spaghetti with ketchup...DOWN!

Tell me more about the area, etc. Pretty sure I did last week..but its...pretty. ;)

Random question, but are the beds there long enough for you? Or do you have to put a chair at the end so your feet don't hang over?
No. My whole mission I have had my ankles/feet hanging off the bed or sleeping in a diagonal position so that they can barely fit on. Its not too bad, but I do miss a nice, large, Sorensen-sized bed
Love you all! Enjoy a few pics...more will come next week (took most with Elder Anderson´s camera...)

Monday, November 2, 2015


Dear ________,

I probably should have started a travel journal 3 changes ago because I am pretty sure I have been traveling more than Donald Trump in these past 5 months.....bueno.

We just got into Quito about an hour ago and took a lovely crowded trolly up north to the mission offices. The ride was pretty...saw lots of volcanos....that was new. Jaja. :) They were playing a pretty awful movie so me and my comp went hard on some conference talks....emergency headphones come in handy!! Jajaja.

The week went super well. I havent been able to have much time to talk about my new area so I will do so now...

I am currently in Riobamba, in the province Chimborazo (named by the biggest volcano in the province...the highest summit from the middle of the world #PerksOfLivingOnTheEquator). We are part of the only district in the mission which contains 4 branches in Riobamba and 2 in a little town a few hours away called Guaranda. I am in the branch Bellavista (same name as my first ward....Vista Hermosa...just reverse, haha). About 80-100 people attend each week-we have a lot of work to do but have a sweet RM branch president who supports us a ton. 

I love the city. Its super mellow and old school. And you can take a taxi anywhere you want for 1 buck. The food is great and the people are....wonderful. A little bit more closed than my beloved costeño folk....but they are still awesome! Last night we found a family of 7 who had been attending a few years ago but due to family problems backed off at the last minute...they are now super excited to get back to church and come closer to God! The kids are especially excited to ´´get a baptism with lots of water´´...haha epic.

My comp and I are getting along great. He is a beast. We have been going SUPER HARD on the morning he goes home in 4 weeks and lives 10 minutes away from the beaches of Manabi (the nicest beaches in Ecuador). Every morning we have a love hate relationship cause I told him if he wants to get big he has to do it my way......hahaha #football/rugbyflashbacks. 

About the whole Halloween thing...didnt even realize it halloween until my boy Elder Anderson called me at like 10:20pm wishing me a happy halloween....haha. The first 2 weeks of November are holidays down here...basically lots of parties and dances and food...the most traditional being Guaguas de pan and Colada Morada....bascially a super delish bread with cheese of jelly in the shape of a baby with a smoothie with a ton of different fruits and spices and flower...super dense but way delish. We have already drunken like 10 cups....BALLING! (due to lack of pics we took some Guagua selfies this´re welcome, Momma!!)

Love you all! Have a great HOLIDAY SEASON! Can´t believe its November....Thanksgiving and Christmas in Ecuador 2.0 are coming in hot and bout to be great!!

Until next time,

Monday, October 26, 2015


Hey all,

I was planning on giving you guys an epic update of the new area and comp and everything but the time slipped away from me today...

Regardless, I love my new area!! The city is epic. Its a smaller, colonial-ish city, and super chilly! I rock a sweater or longsleeve white shirt every day...which gives me a chance to spice up my outfit (haha...after 15 months with a white shirt and black pants!)

My comp is great. He is excited to go home in 5 weeks, but is also determined to finish strong. We worked super hard and were able to have 5 super solid new friends come to church. One of them is going to New York next week for a make-up academy...she is gonna bring me back some US goods! Down!

The zone is doing great. I talk to Elder Anderson daily and spend a lot of time with him. Has been sweet chatting about mission experiences/reminissing about the MTC. He is beasting it up.

Next week we head to Quito for Mission Leadership Conference...will be sweet to see some homies. Gonna try to run into Elder Going (my papa) who goes home at the end of this change. TIME FLIES. 

Love you all.
Elder Sorensen

Monday, October 19, 2015

South SIDE

Well, changes came......Just went from the hottest zone in the mission to the coldest!!! I got changed from Santo Domingo to Riobamba. Riobamba is the most south part of the mission, and its sooooo chilly/fresh/sweet! I love it, even though I have been here like 2 hours. Took an epic 6 hour bus ride down here alone, it was weird/relaxing being alone for the first time in a long time...haha. My new comp is Elder R, from Ecuador! He finishes the mission in 6 we are about to FINISH WITH A BANG! I´ll be working down here as a zone leader over a zone of 18, 10 elders and 8 sisters...WITH MY BOY ELDER A!!! He is down here as one of the district leaders so we are about to spend tons of time together and ball out!!! (Elder A was my MTC comp and havent really seen him since then....EPIC!). My new comp is DOPE and we have the best house in the whole mission. Its huge. We have 3 couches. A table with chairs. 6 desks. 4 beds. A handful of rooms. A MICROWAVE....a few huge white boards.....SO STOKED! And a sweet home-gym....which just got a 70 pound add-on (yes, i hauled 70lbs of weights on that bus ride...haha).

New comp

As far as leaving Santo was tough but I have never had a tough time with good byes because I always know I am gonna see these people again. Los Laureles was one of my favorite wards and I grew soooo close to some families. About 8 people cried last night....but I then cracked a joke to snap them outta it! ;) I got faith I´ll see them all a few months of in a few years....its all the same!

We had a great week of Ward Conference in Santo Domingo. Some sweet activities finished off with a converts conference I ran on Saturday focused on TEMPLES and then a great Ward Conf on Sunday with some baller talks and musical numbers. 

Elder H, homie from BYU, was just here in Riobamba (in a different branch) and is now heading to Santo Domingo....we barely missed each other...dangit! 

Super stoked to be hear in the frio and get to work another area of this amazing country. Really excited to help build up our branch and turn it into a ward!!! (Without goals we go nowhere...haha ;))

Love you all.


........AND A HAPPPPPPPPPPY HAPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY BEAUTIFUL/AMAZING SISTER KATIE ROSE!!!! Today is her birthday and I am so glad she was born. She is easily the most genuine person I know and is SMART AS crud....she is so caring and is slowly changing the world 1 person at a time. Thanks for being the best sister every, KK! Hug feet?

Monday, October 12, 2015


Hey all. I am alive. And happy. Difficulties...always, but just looking at what I can learn from each situation/experience.
Changes next week. Hoping to say put in Santo Domingo.....will let you all know.
Stoked for our Ward Conference and weeks worth of activities. Gonna give a sweet fireside on Saturday about temples and family history accompanied by some sweet videos.... Whattup Gpa S. <3
Love you all! Praying for you all daily.

Monday, October 5, 2015

An Ode


Wassup all!
First off, gotta give a shout out to the main man B. My bro goes BIG. So happy for you and so excited to have a new sister! (Sup Amanda...thanks for telling me btw, Brian still hasnt holla´d since Christmas). Welcome to the fam...good luck. ;) LES QUIERO!

We had a solid week down here talking walking serving teaching eating and repeating. Word.

Conference was amazing. Although it was sad to see 3 wonderful men/servants of God pass away in these past 6 months, I got SUCH a strong/clear confirmation that Elder Rasband, Stevenson, and Renlund have been called by God and are EXACTLY who we need to help lead His church. Elder Rasband is rock solid. Elder Renlund is old school, wise, and a powerhouse. And Elder Stevenson is a humble, simple, pure, loving, and POWERFUL man who reminds me soooo much of my dad and his father. So excited for them. I also loved the talks by Elder Holland and President Nelson about women/mothers. I am so grateful for all the amazing women I have in my life. Thanks for everything. :) I also loved Elder Bednar´s talk, such great lessons from great men who have passed on. And lastly, gotta love the Prophet. Some were worried about his health, but I simply saw a seasoned veteran/man of God testifying of the things he KNOWS to be true. Give him a break, it´s exhausting work--ask me! Here are some thoughts/notes that especailly stood out to me. (I have promised thoughts on the past 2 conferences and never got around to it...hope this makes up!)
  • Are we making out discipleship too complicated? - Pres Uchtdorf SatAM
  • What lack I yet? - Elder Lawrence SatAM
  • Life is not easy, nor was it meant to be. - Elder Cook SatAM
  • No love comes closer to Christ´s than the love of a mother. - Elder Holland Sat PM
  • In any moment of tempation, bear thy Savior, and thy mother. - E Holland SatPM
  • Alma 5:26 ´´can you feel it now?´´ - Elder Martino SatPM
  • Remember who you are. - Elder Anderson Priesthood (sup, M and D ;))
  • Do we practice what we preach? - Pres Uchtdorf Priesthood
  • Story about a deacon taking the sacrament to an old lady in retirment home...shout out of Scott Brown. - Pres Eyring Priesthood
  • 6 ways to be an example: word, conversation, Spirit, faith, charity, and purity. - Pres Monson SunAM
  • We will be different. - Pres Monson Priesthood
  • ´´I will serve the Lord and I will serve you (Pres Monson) with all my heart might mind and strenth´´ . Elder Rasband Sun AM
  • DC1: proclaimed by the weak. - Elder Stevenson
  • ´´With all my heart I want to be a follower of Jesus Christ´´ - Elder Renlund
  • Importance of women... ´´are you done crying? get up and go to work!´´ - Pres Nelson
  • True disciples tesitify of the Lord when it is not convenient to do so. - Elder Schwitzer SunAM
  • Acting on the Holy Ghost, stories of his dad/MASSIVE love/respect for him. - Pres Eyring (followed by an EPIC hymn ´´The Spirit of God´´.
  • ´´PONDERIZE!´´ Epic. Started today! - Elder Durrant SunPM
  • ´´Powerful lesson of a lifetime, from a man I love.´´ - Elder Bednar 
If you didnt get a chance to watch.....LETS GOOOO!!

Love you all. And miss you all. Especially the homies...stay #fat.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hey all!

Well, today we had an EPIC zone activity. Went to visit an indigenous tribe, ´´Los Sachilas´´. It was awesome...and an epic ride on top of a truck through the jungle to get there. Danced to some tribal drums/flutes/rain shaker/xylophone was epic. But it ate up our day....

The work is good. Meeting new people every day and contacting more than ever...finding phase baby!!!
I love you all and hope you enjoy conference!


Monday, September 21, 2015

One what...?

Hey all! I am doing great and love you all!

My comp, Elder F, got changed to the Quito North Mission. Changed as in re-assigned. I am still here in Santo Domingo and am with Elder V, from Argentina. He is a homie!! Huge futbolista and also played rugby before the mish...we are about to get to work!!! (physically...and spiritually!)

It was a great week. Elder F and I had an awesome week together and it was sad to see him go but the Lord works in mysterious ways! Just gotta trust and obey! Also, grampa Manuel got baptized on Saturday. Showed up 3 hours early...haha epic.

Have a great week! Remember, HE LIVES!

Monday, September 14, 2015


On the way to Quito

Hey all! So, starting last week we have 30 minutes less of email time. Which is fine, cause turns out we used to have the more time than any other mission in the whole South America North East Area.... But anyways, starting next week I am going to try to write the group email first, and make it a little more detailed to make up for not being able to respond to some of you right away!

Monday-Wednesday morning I had a mini-missionary. I really didnt want to lose 3.5 days in my sector, so I called President Monday and got permission to be comps with a 18 year old homie who is leaving for the mission in Guatemala in 20 days. It was sweet working with him and giving him so advice. We got some SOLID work done, too. 

Wednesday morning I headed to Quito (deja vu) to pick up my new comp! He is Elder F from Guayaquil, Ecuador! He is a great missionary and I am really excited for another chance to train/learn/grow. We are excited to get to work here in Santo Domingo!! 

Thursday night we got back, and since then have had a few solid days out in the streets. Almost had a crazy last minute baptism yesterday, a super old dude left today to get heart surgery and wanted to get baptized (had been preparing for the following week). President decided we should give him a blessing and hope that he makes it out of his heart surgery and will be able to be baptzed in a few months. Sounds good to me!! Was a pretty fun/hectic sunday morning, though. 

Today was a super mellow pday. Just got organized and relaxed. And got a every other week, jaja! #mishlife

Oh, and on Saturday we helped at a Stake Blood Drive for a few hours, then went to a reitrement home and sung to some old folks, it was great. I love old people. Highlight was watching a super old/bent over black man from Esmeraldas (the coast/land of good food and good music and good dance) went harrrrrd on the dance floor. Este viejito sabe bailarrrrrrr!!

Well, I love you!! Have a great week! Until next time...
Buddy who arrived with my comp and lived in one of Elder Cuv´s first wards....#<3