Monday, November 2, 2015


Dear ________,

I probably should have started a travel journal 3 changes ago because I am pretty sure I have been traveling more than Donald Trump in these past 5 months.....bueno.

We just got into Quito about an hour ago and took a lovely crowded trolly up north to the mission offices. The ride was pretty...saw lots of volcanos....that was new. Jaja. :) They were playing a pretty awful movie so me and my comp went hard on some conference talks....emergency headphones come in handy!! Jajaja.

The week went super well. I havent been able to have much time to talk about my new area so I will do so now...

I am currently in Riobamba, in the province Chimborazo (named by the biggest volcano in the province...the highest summit from the middle of the world #PerksOfLivingOnTheEquator). We are part of the only district in the mission which contains 4 branches in Riobamba and 2 in a little town a few hours away called Guaranda. I am in the branch Bellavista (same name as my first ward....Vista Hermosa...just reverse, haha). About 80-100 people attend each week-we have a lot of work to do but have a sweet RM branch president who supports us a ton. 

I love the city. Its super mellow and old school. And you can take a taxi anywhere you want for 1 buck. The food is great and the people are....wonderful. A little bit more closed than my beloved costeƱo folk....but they are still awesome! Last night we found a family of 7 who had been attending a few years ago but due to family problems backed off at the last minute...they are now super excited to get back to church and come closer to God! The kids are especially excited to ´´get a baptism with lots of water´´...haha epic.

My comp and I are getting along great. He is a beast. We have been going SUPER HARD on the morning he goes home in 4 weeks and lives 10 minutes away from the beaches of Manabi (the nicest beaches in Ecuador). Every morning we have a love hate relationship cause I told him if he wants to get big he has to do it my way......hahaha #football/rugbyflashbacks. 

About the whole Halloween thing...didnt even realize it halloween until my boy Elder Anderson called me at like 10:20pm wishing me a happy halloween....haha. The first 2 weeks of November are holidays down here...basically lots of parties and dances and food...the most traditional being Guaguas de pan and Colada Morada....bascially a super delish bread with cheese of jelly in the shape of a baby with a smoothie with a ton of different fruits and spices and flower...super dense but way delish. We have already drunken like 10 cups....BALLING! (due to lack of pics we took some Guagua selfies this´re welcome, Momma!!)

Love you all! Have a great HOLIDAY SEASON! Can´t believe its November....Thanksgiving and Christmas in Ecuador 2.0 are coming in hot and bout to be great!!

Until next time,

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