Monday, October 26, 2015


Hey all,

I was planning on giving you guys an epic update of the new area and comp and everything but the time slipped away from me today...

Regardless, I love my new area!! The city is epic. Its a smaller, colonial-ish city, and super chilly! I rock a sweater or longsleeve white shirt every day...which gives me a chance to spice up my outfit (haha...after 15 months with a white shirt and black pants!)

My comp is great. He is excited to go home in 5 weeks, but is also determined to finish strong. We worked super hard and were able to have 5 super solid new friends come to church. One of them is going to New York next week for a make-up academy...she is gonna bring me back some US goods! Down!

The zone is doing great. I talk to Elder Anderson daily and spend a lot of time with him. Has been sweet chatting about mission experiences/reminissing about the MTC. He is beasting it up.

Next week we head to Quito for Mission Leadership Conference...will be sweet to see some homies. Gonna try to run into Elder Going (my papa) who goes home at the end of this change. TIME FLIES. 

Love you all.
Elder Sorensen

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