Monday, October 5, 2015

An Ode


Wassup all!
First off, gotta give a shout out to the main man B. My bro goes BIG. So happy for you and so excited to have a new sister! (Sup Amanda...thanks for telling me btw, Brian still hasnt holla´d since Christmas). Welcome to the fam...good luck. ;) LES QUIERO!

We had a solid week down here talking walking serving teaching eating and repeating. Word.

Conference was amazing. Although it was sad to see 3 wonderful men/servants of God pass away in these past 6 months, I got SUCH a strong/clear confirmation that Elder Rasband, Stevenson, and Renlund have been called by God and are EXACTLY who we need to help lead His church. Elder Rasband is rock solid. Elder Renlund is old school, wise, and a powerhouse. And Elder Stevenson is a humble, simple, pure, loving, and POWERFUL man who reminds me soooo much of my dad and his father. So excited for them. I also loved the talks by Elder Holland and President Nelson about women/mothers. I am so grateful for all the amazing women I have in my life. Thanks for everything. :) I also loved Elder Bednar´s talk, such great lessons from great men who have passed on. And lastly, gotta love the Prophet. Some were worried about his health, but I simply saw a seasoned veteran/man of God testifying of the things he KNOWS to be true. Give him a break, it´s exhausting work--ask me! Here are some thoughts/notes that especailly stood out to me. (I have promised thoughts on the past 2 conferences and never got around to it...hope this makes up!)
  • Are we making out discipleship too complicated? - Pres Uchtdorf SatAM
  • What lack I yet? - Elder Lawrence SatAM
  • Life is not easy, nor was it meant to be. - Elder Cook SatAM
  • No love comes closer to Christ´s than the love of a mother. - Elder Holland Sat PM
  • In any moment of tempation, bear thy Savior, and thy mother. - E Holland SatPM
  • Alma 5:26 ´´can you feel it now?´´ - Elder Martino SatPM
  • Remember who you are. - Elder Anderson Priesthood (sup, M and D ;))
  • Do we practice what we preach? - Pres Uchtdorf Priesthood
  • Story about a deacon taking the sacrament to an old lady in retirment home...shout out of Scott Brown. - Pres Eyring Priesthood
  • 6 ways to be an example: word, conversation, Spirit, faith, charity, and purity. - Pres Monson SunAM
  • We will be different. - Pres Monson Priesthood
  • ´´I will serve the Lord and I will serve you (Pres Monson) with all my heart might mind and strenth´´ . Elder Rasband Sun AM
  • DC1: proclaimed by the weak. - Elder Stevenson
  • ´´With all my heart I want to be a follower of Jesus Christ´´ - Elder Renlund
  • Importance of women... ´´are you done crying? get up and go to work!´´ - Pres Nelson
  • True disciples tesitify of the Lord when it is not convenient to do so. - Elder Schwitzer SunAM
  • Acting on the Holy Ghost, stories of his dad/MASSIVE love/respect for him. - Pres Eyring (followed by an EPIC hymn ´´The Spirit of God´´.
  • ´´PONDERIZE!´´ Epic. Started today! - Elder Durrant SunPM
  • ´´Powerful lesson of a lifetime, from a man I love.´´ - Elder Bednar 
If you didnt get a chance to watch.....LETS GOOOO!!

Love you all. And miss you all. Especially the homies...stay #fat.

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