Monday, October 19, 2015

South SIDE

Well, changes came......Just went from the hottest zone in the mission to the coldest!!! I got changed from Santo Domingo to Riobamba. Riobamba is the most south part of the mission, and its sooooo chilly/fresh/sweet! I love it, even though I have been here like 2 hours. Took an epic 6 hour bus ride down here alone, it was weird/relaxing being alone for the first time in a long time...haha. My new comp is Elder R, from Ecuador! He finishes the mission in 6 we are about to FINISH WITH A BANG! I´ll be working down here as a zone leader over a zone of 18, 10 elders and 8 sisters...WITH MY BOY ELDER A!!! He is down here as one of the district leaders so we are about to spend tons of time together and ball out!!! (Elder A was my MTC comp and havent really seen him since then....EPIC!). My new comp is DOPE and we have the best house in the whole mission. Its huge. We have 3 couches. A table with chairs. 6 desks. 4 beds. A handful of rooms. A MICROWAVE....a few huge white boards.....SO STOKED! And a sweet home-gym....which just got a 70 pound add-on (yes, i hauled 70lbs of weights on that bus ride...haha).

New comp

As far as leaving Santo was tough but I have never had a tough time with good byes because I always know I am gonna see these people again. Los Laureles was one of my favorite wards and I grew soooo close to some families. About 8 people cried last night....but I then cracked a joke to snap them outta it! ;) I got faith I´ll see them all a few months of in a few years....its all the same!

We had a great week of Ward Conference in Santo Domingo. Some sweet activities finished off with a converts conference I ran on Saturday focused on TEMPLES and then a great Ward Conf on Sunday with some baller talks and musical numbers. 

Elder H, homie from BYU, was just here in Riobamba (in a different branch) and is now heading to Santo Domingo....we barely missed each other...dangit! 

Super stoked to be hear in the frio and get to work another area of this amazing country. Really excited to help build up our branch and turn it into a ward!!! (Without goals we go nowhere...haha ;))

Love you all.


........AND A HAPPPPPPPPPPY HAPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY BEAUTIFUL/AMAZING SISTER KATIE ROSE!!!! Today is her birthday and I am so glad she was born. She is easily the most genuine person I know and is SMART AS crud....she is so caring and is slowly changing the world 1 person at a time. Thanks for being the best sister every, KK! Hug feet?

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