Monday, June 29, 2015

One week older and wiser too

Whattup all.

Just thought I’d drop in and holla at my favorite people in the world. (sup B..?!)

It was a solid week. Will hit a few highlights

Sweet view in the sector...stairs of DEATH!

1) Friday we had interviews with President. For the first time in a handful of years we did them in our houses...which meant Monday-Thursday we were cleaning a lil every night haha! Luckily we keep our crib way clean so we didnt have to do much....but some other houses I’ve seen, I feel bad for those elders. The interviews went great. Super short this time, seeing as Pres had to drive house to house, but still good. One thing President told me which stuck with me a lot is that ``time is one of the most scarce resources a missionary has, and if we learn to take advantage of everything minutes, time will go by faster and at the end we will feel so much better/more satisfied with the time we served``. Epic. I can agree to that, this week had a few trunky moments as I realized in less than 1 year I’ll be home....but wow, this (almost) year has FLOWN by and I am way excited to take advantage of this next year. TIME to get to work! ;)

2) Pday. I love Mondays... Hit a solid district workout in the morning and than played soccer with the district and 2 other elders...4 on 4. Gringos vs Latinos. We came out on top 10-7....BALLIN! Then we hit subway/mcdonalds ice cream and dang.... I love America.

3) The work!! The work is going well. Got a sweet reference from the church awesome family!!! The mom`s mom is a member and they have 6 and 8 year old girls. They are great, and we had a sweet lesson with them Saturday, and even though they couldn’t get to church (already planned a lil vacay), we are stoked to work with them this week! Also if all goes well should have a marriage this week...and a pool party Saturday!

I love you all and hope you know that you got an Elder praying for you everyday.

Elder Sorensen

And finally, to make up for a few lazy weeks....a question from my wonderful Gma!!!

How do people perceive time or appointments within this culture?
This is kinda a funny question, time wise. Ill answer with a small story. We had a sweet ward activity on Friday night...but unfortunately it started at 830 when it was supposed to start at 730. A few investigators/less actives came....waited....and left before it even started, which was frustrating for us. So...truth is here in Ecuador (and most of South America I hear), people are pretty unpunctual. Not just in the church, but outside too. If someone says an hour....most people show up 15-45 min short....but hey, the world still turns so its all good! I love Ecuador :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

An Ode to Kent.

Okay, once again...not actually gonna write an ode, but wanted to dedicate this email (mainly) to my father, Kent R. June 20th was his bday, yesterday was fathers day, and today is his (and Carebear´s) 30th ANNIVERSARY!!!!

My dad is a beast. He has always been such a huge example for me. He is hilarious, a hard worker, creative, a God/Family first kinda guy, intelligent, athletic, and literally a perfect example of a FAMILY MAN. 

Here is a sweet video that reminds me of my dad...he has worked so hard over the past THIRTY YEARS to provide for my family. Like Katie Rose said....Í cant believe they have been married for 30 years! I cant even imagine doing anything for 30 years.....

My dad is one of my best friends and I really can say that over the past year being away from him I have appreciated him more and more every day. I havent told him this yet...but probably a dozen times he´s made his son tear up in some random bus/street in Ecuador as I read his letters every week...he always is simple/straighforward but knows EXACTLY what to say/what I need to hear.

So here´s to Kent R (and ya momma!!!). Love ya dude. Duuuuuuudeeeee. (noggin´.)

(oh yeah...the week went well, work is pressing on, and had an EPIC pday activity!!)

Elder Sorensen

Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey all!!!

Just wanted to stop by and say ´´Hey´´, ´´I love you all´´, and ´´Have a great week´´!

It was another solid week. Was sick a few days but was able to fight it off...getting pretty good at that. Nonetheless the work presses on!

Changes came...staying on my mountain with my son. Ballin! Change #5 in the it! One of the best homies (Elder U) got changed into my zone...DOWN!

Love you all. Miss yall! (Well, some of you...jk! Most...)
Elder Sorensen

Monday, June 8, 2015

The mission is sick...

Haha, not the cleverest subject but I`m running out of stuff to stay! But yeah, I got sick this week. Got a gnarrrrrly 36 hour bug....fever, threw up, all the works. But luckily it hit Tuesday at like 8pm so by Thursday morning I was good to go and only spent Wednesday in bed (and bored out of my mind!)
It was a solid week. But due to the sickness it kinda slowed things down for a few days. We have still be going hard on the workouts/lifting...and the protein shakes have been tasting good as ever...haha!
Oh yeah, one cool lil thing... A random gringo showed up to church yesterday. Was a homie who served in the ward 2-3 years ago. Long story short, he goes to BYU, is living here for 2 months to learn Quichwa, anddddd I watched the Superbowl with him in his house last year. Hahahha. Such a small world. 2 of his roomates from last year and the year before are on the rugby team and 2 of my better homies, so turns out I knew the dude but didnt talk to him until we met in Ecuador. Classic.

Wow, I really don`t know what to say. I got sick. We taught people. We contacted people. We went to church and enjoyed it. We ate a lot of food. We slept. We studied. We worked out. Thats the mission for ya, the best two years!!!
Love you all, hope your week was more exciting than mine!!! 
Elder Sorensen

And lastly, a few questions for gramsy!! Sorry I didnt get to them last week!
How do people greet one another (e.g., as family, friends at home or in the street)?
First, almost all women of 12 years and up greet each other with little hugs/side kisses. Not on each side like they do in Europe, but a hug and little simultaneous right cheek kiss from both at the same time. Men, typically greet with a normal handshake. Good friends or young men usually great with a high five/fist bump kinda deal--just like we do in the States!! Almost everyone, regardless of being good friends/even knowing the person, says good morning/afternoon/evening to most people they see as they pass by in the street--like we do in the State....haha, not!

How do they react when they see strangers or people from other countries?
Depends were you are. In the center of Quito, there are always students or businessmen or gringos who live no one acts strange there. In some of my sectors up in the mountains, people (mainly kids/teens, maybe cause they have never seen a gringo) stare/giggle. But after a few weeks in an area you really dont find many weird looks...also once they realize you can speak Spanish they act quite normal.

Monday, June 1, 2015

When a long week gets longer

Dear all,

Running out of time here (I know, I`m turning into Brian) but will do my best with a little update.

Tuesday. New Missionary/Trainers verification conf was a blast. Saw a ton of homies and learned a lot. And ate a ton of bomb food. My comp and I had to do a practice in front of the 30ish missionaries and it went way comps a beast. 

Wednesay. Zone Conf with Pres. Ate bombbbbbb pizza (half a pizza each person) and learned a ton of stuff. Focused a ton on inspired questions, model of Ammon, listening to the spirit, and invited silence during lessons. Split up and did some practice and President came with my group and did some practices/helped us....EPICCCCC! 

Thursday. Funeral. Tuesday night we got some sad news. A family we are super super close to (family of D and G, new members of 3 days and 1 months) had a tough of G's children passed away. No deets, but was very young and is leaving behind 4 kids. Nonetheless was a HUGE testimony builder... Seeing them receive a ton of strength through prayer, scriptures, God, and the knowledge that thanks to Jesus Christ and his sacrifice they have the chance to see their daughter/sister again was great. It was a tough week but they showed a ton of faith---ending with G getting baptized on Sat, a few days after the loss of a daughter. Such a huge act of faith and was an incredible week/experience. Even better....her son D baptized her. Ballin!

Today was a dope Pday. Hit Teliferico again (the big gondola thing) with the district. Like always...started with a 6 am district workout. Was a dope day and am very excited to sleep.

Subiendo hasta los cielos!

Finally, shout out to Elder L. Tom Perry. An amazing man and a huge example (physically and spiritually!) Check out a lil vid in memory of him.

Love you all, keeping on keeping on. 

The result of weekly district workouts #bulkito