Monday, June 1, 2015

When a long week gets longer

Dear all,

Running out of time here (I know, I`m turning into Brian) but will do my best with a little update.

Tuesday. New Missionary/Trainers verification conf was a blast. Saw a ton of homies and learned a lot. And ate a ton of bomb food. My comp and I had to do a practice in front of the 30ish missionaries and it went way comps a beast. 

Wednesay. Zone Conf with Pres. Ate bombbbbbb pizza (half a pizza each person) and learned a ton of stuff. Focused a ton on inspired questions, model of Ammon, listening to the spirit, and invited silence during lessons. Split up and did some practice and President came with my group and did some practices/helped us....EPICCCCC! 

Thursday. Funeral. Tuesday night we got some sad news. A family we are super super close to (family of D and G, new members of 3 days and 1 months) had a tough of G's children passed away. No deets, but was very young and is leaving behind 4 kids. Nonetheless was a HUGE testimony builder... Seeing them receive a ton of strength through prayer, scriptures, God, and the knowledge that thanks to Jesus Christ and his sacrifice they have the chance to see their daughter/sister again was great. It was a tough week but they showed a ton of faith---ending with G getting baptized on Sat, a few days after the loss of a daughter. Such a huge act of faith and was an incredible week/experience. Even better....her son D baptized her. Ballin!

Today was a dope Pday. Hit Teliferico again (the big gondola thing) with the district. Like always...started with a 6 am district workout. Was a dope day and am very excited to sleep.

Subiendo hasta los cielos!

Finally, shout out to Elder L. Tom Perry. An amazing man and a huge example (physically and spiritually!) Check out a lil vid in memory of him.

Love you all, keeping on keeping on. 

The result of weekly district workouts #bulkito

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