Monday, March 23, 2015

I´m going going, back back, to a mountain, mountain.

Hey all,

Gonna be short today. I think time goes by faster the higher you are (elevation wise). Yup, thats right, got changed! I am in the same zone/stake...just got sent like an hour up this fat mountain. The new sector is big and mountainy and cold, but we got some SWEET VIEWS! The ward hasn’t had much success for a while (nor baptisms for like a year) but I am excited for a new change/challenge and to go hard! My companion is Elder B, he’s district leader so FINALLY I will have a cell phone. He has 3 changes its likely that after this change he will get sent to a new place to finished his last 3 months,.but we are excited to go hard for as long as we are up here together! He’s a cool dude from Alpine Utah and loves frisbee....perfect cause I now have 5! (thanks Manny;)).. He loves basketball and sports (although never played HS ball) and we get along well. Its hard speaking english again but its nioooooce!

Saying by to my dog (Baggins, a massive german shepard who followed me for the last 3 months and barked at all the drunks...beast!)

This weekend J was able to be baptized by her husband and it was wonderful. She is way happy and they are excited to enter in the temple in 1 year!!

It was sad leaving/saying bye to everyone but at the same time I felt SUPER GRATEFUL to have been able to meet so many awesome people and see some awesome changes in their lives. Also, in 4 weeks we have Stake Conference soooo I will get to see everyone in a month! BALLER!

Some pics of some of the main homies from my last area...

Shout out to Bso and Amanda for running a marathon (lol whaaaat why how when whoooo?!). Keep ballin. Or runnin, I guess...

Love you all! Take care and do some squats in honor of your boy who is about to get destroyed climbing this mountain all day every day.

Elder Sorensen

Monday, March 16, 2015

I love my Mom and Dad. And Family.

Hey all. I kinda spent all my time reading EPIC talks/articles (haha, sup Jeff ;)), and checking out are both worthy uses of time, right?

Anyways. It was a solid week. Went by CRAZY FAST. Had ward conference which was dope. On Tuesday J (member) and his new wife got married (we hooked J up with a sweet job a few weeks ago) and this Saturday he will be baptizing her! We are stoked.

Changes this Sunday...anything could happen. MARCH MADNESS lives on down here in Ecuador. Speaking of Aaron Craft, check out my bracket. 

Oh yeah. Had zone conference on Friday. WAY EPIC. President is still the man and it was dope seeing some buddies from the other zone we had conference with.

Oh yeah, last Sunday G gave a talk in Sacrament meeting...4 weeks after joining the church..and KILLED IT. She is the man. Ya know what I mean... 

Love yall!

Also, a new delish fruit we found that looks like a frog but is dope. Its name is basically toad in spanish...con razon.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Hey all! Another solid and crazy fast week gone by, running short on time so hold on tight.

It was another solid week. No one was in white this Saturday so we were kinda bummed, but nonetheless it was a good week and we got some good work done.

Today we had a sweet Pday activity as a zone. We headed up Teliferiqo again and it was even clearer than last time and a way good time. Talked to some solid gringos like always and it was epic. 4 bros from South London are 5 months in to a 10 month trip from Mexico to Chile, and they were homies and thought it was awesome that I was down here two years to ``Preach the Christ`` (haha EPIC!). One of the played from rugby so we had a good lil chat. Also these 3 girls from Maine who are taking a semester off school to travel South epic. 

Oh yeah…foot surgery number 2 rolled in…same thing happened…ended up being a lil more serious than I thought but after a half day in bed we were good to go! Haha..good times.

Anyways…gonna holla with a ton of pics so really dont got much time. Check out all the pics at the dope blog my big sis KK is running -- -- word!!

Love yall and hope you have a great week. Keep on keepin on.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy March! And Birthday to Elder Jeffrey R Sorensen

Friends Family and Comrads,

How are you all doing? I hope everyone is well and everyone enjoyed that sweet BYU win of the Zags! (sorry Manny.)

It was another solid week here in the city. This week went by CRAZY fast...sometimes in the mission when days last long the weeks go by fast, and when the days go by fast weeks take long. Although this week the days and week went by really dont know what point I am trying to make.

Anways, it was a solid week. On Friday we had a SWEET ward activity. It was called Viaje a Hawaii (Trip to Hawaii) and basically heres how it went. We started in the Sacrament room with the projector playing some epic hawaiian scenery clips/music. Then we took a virtual plane ride (the projector/video inside the plane was awesome and super realistic!). And after a 10 minute plane ride including being served some bomb hawaiian fruit shishkabobs served by the beautiful flight attendants (us, 4, the plane crashed. And the Saint Peter popped out in all white and explained that weve all died and then had a tour of the 3 kindoms of glory...and hell. My room was the Celestial room and it was all white with tons of sweet church pics, white scriptures, and me chilling the all white, and with some MoTab music playing on the projector. It was super epic and the spirit was way strong...everything (including me) was so white and def felt like the temple. All the members had a great time and it ended super spriritual which was epic. Good times... 

This Saturday A was baptized and it was awesome! He is a 23 year old whos super poor and his whole family only speaks Quichua...their all straight indigineous so its kinda hard to communicate with his fam...but anyways. He was stoked to be baptized and is loving everything. He has already read like half the Book of Mormon and pretty sure now knows more about it than we do. He is awesome and what topped it all off was him rolling into the baptism with brand new church clothes that we scored from some membres/other missionaries. Overall it has been an epic change in this dudes life.

Some questions  (thanks Kent...knew you'd pull through)

Are you over your fat fever and back to good health? Yeah. Its all good and I'm back to normal. Hopefully will stay that way for a while...
Any time for workouts in the park? Not right comp kinda hits the 30 minute shower every morning right at 6 atm can't workout outside...but maybe with the next comp!!
What is the farthest you walk in your sector each day? Idk. Just today I was thinking about finding/buying/asking for a little belt pedometer like Jeff had...I honeslty have no clue. But some days...a ton. haha
How’s your toe doing (I won’t complain about my minor ingrowns)? The one I got surgery on is doing great...tomorrow Im going in to get a different one worked on...should be as major!

Love you all! Have a great week and know you are in my prayers by name.