Monday, March 16, 2015

I love my Mom and Dad. And Family.

Hey all. I kinda spent all my time reading EPIC talks/articles (haha, sup Jeff ;)), and checking out are both worthy uses of time, right?

Anyways. It was a solid week. Went by CRAZY FAST. Had ward conference which was dope. On Tuesday J (member) and his new wife got married (we hooked J up with a sweet job a few weeks ago) and this Saturday he will be baptizing her! We are stoked.

Changes this Sunday...anything could happen. MARCH MADNESS lives on down here in Ecuador. Speaking of Aaron Craft, check out my bracket. 

Oh yeah. Had zone conference on Friday. WAY EPIC. President is still the man and it was dope seeing some buddies from the other zone we had conference with.

Oh yeah, last Sunday G gave a talk in Sacrament meeting...4 weeks after joining the church..and KILLED IT. She is the man. Ya know what I mean... 

Love yall!

Also, a new delish fruit we found that looks like a frog but is dope. Its name is basically toad in spanish...con razon.

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