Monday, March 9, 2015


Hey all! Another solid and crazy fast week gone by, running short on time so hold on tight.

It was another solid week. No one was in white this Saturday so we were kinda bummed, but nonetheless it was a good week and we got some good work done.

Today we had a sweet Pday activity as a zone. We headed up Teliferiqo again and it was even clearer than last time and a way good time. Talked to some solid gringos like always and it was epic. 4 bros from South London are 5 months in to a 10 month trip from Mexico to Chile, and they were homies and thought it was awesome that I was down here two years to ``Preach the Christ`` (haha EPIC!). One of the played from rugby so we had a good lil chat. Also these 3 girls from Maine who are taking a semester off school to travel South epic. 

Oh yeah…foot surgery number 2 rolled in…same thing happened…ended up being a lil more serious than I thought but after a half day in bed we were good to go! Haha..good times.

Anyways…gonna holla with a ton of pics so really dont got much time. Check out all the pics at the dope blog my big sis KK is running -- -- word!!

Love yall and hope you have a great week. Keep on keepin on.


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