Monday, March 23, 2015

I´m going going, back back, to a mountain, mountain.

Hey all,

Gonna be short today. I think time goes by faster the higher you are (elevation wise). Yup, thats right, got changed! I am in the same zone/stake...just got sent like an hour up this fat mountain. The new sector is big and mountainy and cold, but we got some SWEET VIEWS! The ward hasn’t had much success for a while (nor baptisms for like a year) but I am excited for a new change/challenge and to go hard! My companion is Elder B, he’s district leader so FINALLY I will have a cell phone. He has 3 changes its likely that after this change he will get sent to a new place to finished his last 3 months,.but we are excited to go hard for as long as we are up here together! He’s a cool dude from Alpine Utah and loves frisbee....perfect cause I now have 5! (thanks Manny;)).. He loves basketball and sports (although never played HS ball) and we get along well. Its hard speaking english again but its nioooooce!

Saying by to my dog (Baggins, a massive german shepard who followed me for the last 3 months and barked at all the drunks...beast!)

This weekend J was able to be baptized by her husband and it was wonderful. She is way happy and they are excited to enter in the temple in 1 year!!

It was sad leaving/saying bye to everyone but at the same time I felt SUPER GRATEFUL to have been able to meet so many awesome people and see some awesome changes in their lives. Also, in 4 weeks we have Stake Conference soooo I will get to see everyone in a month! BALLER!

Some pics of some of the main homies from my last area...

Shout out to Bso and Amanda for running a marathon (lol whaaaat why how when whoooo?!). Keep ballin. Or runnin, I guess...

Love you all! Take care and do some squats in honor of your boy who is about to get destroyed climbing this mountain all day every day.

Elder Sorensen

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