Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Misty Mountain

Hey all...

Had a sweet zone activity so gonna be short today.

Week one up here was epic. Our sector is basically Mt Everest and it rained like crazy and is DANG COLD but all is well!! We found 2 new GREAT people to teach and are marrying a couple next Monday so that the dude can baptize his (almost) wife next Saturday! We are excited and going hard. My comp is way stoked to be working hard...his last comp had like 22 months so they got a lil lazy but now we are going extra hard to turn things around! 

Me and my new companion get along great! I missed Americans!!! We talk about sports and video games and movies and things that I havent talked about for like 5 when we go out hitting the streets to contact it´s always easy to get our spirits back up after a rejection.

Shout out to the fam for going hard in Florida this week. Six theme parks in four days....I had 6 lessons in 1 day, basically more fun than Florida, right?

Had an sweet zone activity today full of soccer and basketball, and then tossed the football around with a new buddy from Vegas who was All State in HS...felt good talking/balling with a beast again!

All is welll...loving it and getting some Brian Sorinsin legs up here on this mountain. Remember everyone...WATCH CONFERENCE THIS WEEK!

Views from my new sector at night. I'll take more pics this week...promise!

Shout out to Gramsy for the ya!

What is the name of the town/area you’re serving in, so we can look it up on a map?
If you search in google maps these two areas...thats more or less my area.
Argelia Alta, Quito, Pichincha and Oriente Quiteno, Quito, Pichincha

Is it difficult finding a computer with internet connection in your new area?
Nope, right below our house is one of the 2 internet places in our whole sector! We are blessed, haha!

Describe your new apartment or living quarters.
Its about 3 times as big as my last one. A nice big kitchen, 3 bed rooms (one for the beds, and one for each of us to put our clothes/stuff in), and a nice big main room with our desk and table and things like that. Its super new too...again, blessed!

How many ward members at Sacrament meeting on average?
I think about 180. The chapel is 3 stories high and about 6 months old. This week only 135 came though because of a FAT rain storm....dang.

Where will you watch General Conference next weekend?
We will head down to the Stake Center down near my old sector. The chapel here is gonna be showing it, but we are gonna go down to the Stake Center to meet up with other missionaries so we can have a Gringo room! English baby!

How are your legs feeling after climbing all those mountains this week?
Niooooce. Days 1 and 2 rocked me....but now I’m getting a little used to it. Havent really worked out once since getting here cause every morning I am destroyed...but this week shouldnt be as hard! We went on a run Wednesday to go meet up with other elders....that was the worst experience of my life...hahaha sooo high up here to be running!

Love you all! Take care!!
Elder Sorensen

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