Monday, April 27, 2015

´´How can we not talk about family when family´s all we got´´

Wattup Fam. (we´re all family by now, right?)

It was a NIOCE WEEK I tell you...a nioce one. Get ready for a kinda crazy and short and epic email. Vamos.

First, B and M got married on Friday! It was a dope lil wedding inside of a big mall (thats how ppl typically get married a DMV type of place...word). It was awesome. All of their families were there, and then 2 white dudes (us). It was great. They were both so happy and afterwards we went back to their house and had some bomb CUEY (Guinea Pig). It was way better than the first time I had it down here. B had her baptismal interview Friday night and is allll good/excited for THIS saturday for her baptism. Unfortunately her husband couldnt get back to back days off of work, so we waited till this week. But its all good cause...

D got baptized! Wow. It was such an awesome baptism. It was super rewarding to see him so happy before/after his baptism and to see changes in his life. I was sooo happy for him and it was overall just a huge day of good vibes after 4 long and tough weeks up here on the mountainside. 

We had Stake Conference this weekend. And it was DOPE!! We got to go to Sat night Priesthood sesh and Sunday main sesh. Got to hear from President Christensen 2 times... Elder Calderon from the Seventy 2 times... and the Temple President from Guayiquil 2 times... It was epic. The Temple President is currently serving his 5th spanish speaking mission aka the guy speaks crazy good spanish! No one knew if he was a gringo...but he was. Epic. President Jay R. Fuhriman is his name. Great guy.

Lastly, we had interviews with President on Saturday. Oh man...  It was another awesome chance to get to talk with him one on one...discuss the work...and get some awesome advice and a few questions asked. He gave me some sweet advice on prayer and adversity. And the brother of Jared. To be continued.... ;)

Love yalll!

Keep ballin.

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