Monday, May 4, 2015


Hey all. Gonna be wayyyy short today for a few reasons. First, today were changes and we have been running around all over Quito dropping off and picking up and helping out Elders. And also we have to go help a few Elders get to know their sectors so basically only have about 30 minutes to write today. But...

Changes: I am staying in my sector and am SUPER excited. My comp is heading off to Ambato (3 hours south of Quito) for his last 3 months of the mission. Ill be getting my new comp on Thursday, fresh out of the MTC! Im gonna be training a new missionary and am way excited, especially cause I get to stay in this sector and keep working with all the great people we have found/been teaching this change. So on Thursday at the trainers conference Ill meet my new comp and then head back up the mountain and start going to work!! Cant wait!

This Saturday B got baptized and it was GREAT. I would send pics...but my camera may have gotten stolen today on the trolley...but Im hoping to find it in the house or get a call from another Elder who accidently picked it up in the big bus terminal. But none the was a great baptism and her husband and whole family was there and everything just went great. Will send pics when I get them!!

Also, another one of the awesome people we are teaching got her third attendance and had her baptismal interview and will be baptized this Saturday at 5pm!! Cant wait, and am excited that my new comp will get to experience a baptism his first week in Ecuador! Gotta start em early, haha! 

Well, all is well. Cant wait to talk to the fam on Sunday!!!! Epic.

Love you all and am thinking about each of you!


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