Monday, May 18, 2015

And My Father Dwelt in a tent.

Dear all,

Today has been a GREAT pday, but we kind of got a little carried away and lost 30 minutes of computer time. So sorry for being short, but I gotta do what I gotta do!

It was another great week. My new comp and I are getting along great and working hard!! We have a ton of fun together but at the same time are really starting to get in a groove as far as working/teaching together goes. 

Two quick highlights... L, 65 yr old homie whose son is a member...had his interview yesterday and is gonna get baptized this Saturday! It has been a huge miracle working with him. For many many years he didnt want anything to do with the church or missionaries, but about a month ago had a huge change of heart and has been making hugh changes every since! His son will get to baptize him, too!! We are very excited.

Also, G, the mom of 2 members...finally accepted a baptismal date! She is an AWESOME woman/mom and has been attending church with her kids for about a month but was a little timid about taking this leap of faith....but after a great lesson Friday night she accepted an invitation and decided she is ready/wants to be baptized next Satuday. Another huge miracle we saw this week.

Today was dope/crazy. Woke up at 6 to hit a district workout with 4 other elders in the zone leader´s house. Then hit soccer from 9-11. Then hit subway with a few bros. Then bought some protein powder (me and my comp have been going harrrrrd these mornings!) then printed out some fotos, and now are here. I am so tired...

Well...thats about it. I love you all and hope all is well!!!
Elder Sorensen

Also, my wonderful grandma has a project for her english class where she is studying/researching about a foreign country...and of course picked Ecuador! So she wanted me to answer a question a week for I go!!

Question:  What is the name of the area you’re serving in? How do they shop for food or other items (e.g., bazaars, street-shopping, stores, bartering, etc.)?  Who does most of the shopping, how often, and at any particular time of the day? 

I am currently serving in South Quito. Here in Quito there arent very many big stores/grocery markets, but on almost every corner there are little ´´tiendas´´ that have all the basic necessities. So basically everyone does little purchases once or twice a day, given that the stores are always so close and convienent! Really everyone does the shopping...but most common is that the family/parents send their kids down the street to buy a few little things. 

Hope that helped. Love yall again!

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