Monday, November 24, 2014



First, I am VERY thankful for all of you. The letters, prayers, support, friendship, and love I feel every week and every day. Couldnt be out here in the middle of nowhere all alone with out the support of you all. Am crazy grateful for every one of you. Especially the fam. #KentRSorensenGang4Life

All is well. I hope you all have an AMAZING THANKSGIVING and eat an extra amount of food for me. We had another good week. Elder B and I are getting along great--and the spanish is coming in HOT! 

Spent all my email time catching up/replying, so excuse me for being short. But I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Sorensen

foto- Elder B and I on a balcony of a member’s home

Monday, November 17, 2014


Yesterday we got changes, and unfortunately Elder G and I are finally departing from each other. After an EPIC 12 weeks, my dude is heading to a differnet part of Quito, much more south. And I am staying here in my sector, which will probably be my last 6 weeks here. My new companion is........

ELDER B! He is from Manabi, Ecuador (the best beaches in image it!). He has 1 year on the mission, and joined the church 2 years ago. None of his family are fetch, he already has so much of my respect. He is a beast. Only picked him up from the massive bus station in the middle of Quito a few hours ago, but I already like this guy a ton. He is way mellow and just a sweet dude. Can understand a lilll english, but not much. AKA, my Spanish is finally gonna get the fine tuning it needs! I am way excited. Gonna be a good change. Also...everyone tells me this dude can COOK like crazy....I'll be the judge of that tonight ;)
While waiting for my new companion (for about 3 hours, after sending off Elder G), I got to hang out and talk with Elder U, one of my best buddies from the MTC. He has been in Santo Domingo, the Coast, so I gave him the rundown on Quito! We talked for like 2 hours and it was awesome. He is ballin, and loving the mish. Way good to talk with him and a  few other friends throughout the mission. 
It was a way solid week. Elder G and I visited all our friends in the ward a few times because we had a pretty solid feeling he was outta here--and topped it off with a BAPTISM on Saturday! F, the 38 year old big man from the coast, was finally baptized. After a long process which included a dream that he should go back to the catholic church, going back to his old church for 1 week, and there finally recieving his answer that the church was true, and being baptised was something he needed to do. After that, him and his sister and her 2 sons, who have been less active, have been coming to church with him, and all were at his baptism this Saturday. He is so happy now, and every since recieving his answer he has just had a totally different aura about happy for him. He has gone through some rough times but he made it and now is already recieving the crazy amount of blessing that the gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer. A good amount of members attended...and dang, it was just a beautiful service! AWESOME end to the change.
Well...other than that, the work is still rollin and I'm still doing all very good. Don't worry about me, just keep praying for my Cougars.
Oh yea. Elder Gon also left, so now I live with 3 latinos. Chile, Columbia, and Ecuador. DOPE!
Love you all!
Elder Sorensen

´´La obra de salvacion´´ (work of salvation - don't worry, we were just posing for a picture for the 1st counselor in the bishopric!)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mis Amados...

Another sweet week, but nothing too gnar. Excuse me for being short...
Went on sweet splits with Elder Gon on Friday, we had 8 lessons (mish high baby!) and found 2 families of less actives who both came to church this Sunday. It was awesome working with him and learning a few things and having fun with the change of scenery.
We had an awesome lesson on Friday night with M, the nephew of F, who is one of our investigators who we have been working with for a while. He hasnt attended our ward for months because he attends with his girlfriend, but after our awesome lesson (IN ENGLISH!) with him, him and his mom and brother (who are less active) all came to church with us and F and it was just awesome. We had like 10 less actives we have been working with in church, and F with his family. He seemed happy as ever, and the spirit was stronger than I can remember since being here in Ecuador. Oh yeah, I get to give ANOTHER TALK this Sunday...2 talks in 6 weeks (1 change) haha... I'll let yall know how it goes!
Today wasnt as epic as last week..just napped and played cards all day. It was much needed.  Made some bomb breaky sammys with some Chileano Empanadas. BOMB!
A few quick ?s...

So have you had any cooking adventures? What do you eat for breakfast these days? Are you putting on any weight? You look good in your pics. 

Thanks momma. Im glad someone thinks I look good <3 But really... We really only cook for breaky and snacks before we go to bed. A ton of eggs, PBJs, Hot Dogs, BFast Sammys, Chileano empanadas, Popcorn/Kettle Korn, and a ton of juices. I'm not sure if I'm putting on weight...haven't seen a scale in Ecuador lol. Feeling healthy though, not large like during rugby season...but not skinny like basketball season. Feeling aiiite!

 French Toast Wednesdays
Was that Gondola ride safe?
Yeah! It was a 4 person closed 15min ride. There are tons of tourists/americans up there--so it had to be safe! Haha, we talked to a few North Americans...they were impressed that we could talk to the workers!

U gaining weight? Losing muscle? How's the fitness
See above...idk, but feeling good. Working out at a park a block away. Dips on the monkey bars, pull ups on them too, and push ups on the teetor totter. #3rdWorldCrossfit

Love you all and hope whatever challenges you may have this week you SMACK DOWN WITH A VICIOUS BLOW (Tenac).
Elder Sorensen

Rocking the Skinny Tie from BSO!

Monday, November 3, 2014

4 Months

{Click on the panoramic pics to make them bigger!}

DANG....tomorrow I have ´4 months´ (even though I left like 3.5 ago, the 5 weeks and the MTC and the coming to Ecuador a few days into the change kinda make 2 weeks outta nothing...but mish-wise I have 16 weeks tomorrow!!)

Anyways. It was another solid week. I am loving it as much as ever. We had a tough week as far as teaching goes...but we had a family of 4 who we have been teaching for about a month in church! They are from the coast and are way cool! After an awesome lesson with them about families and the blessings we can receive from the church with them and our high priest leader, they finally were able to make it to church and it was great!! It was cool for them to hear so many peoples testimonies (cause it was fast Sunday).

Even though we had a rough week teaching, we were fed more than ever!! Topped off a week of bomb food with dinner last night with a member (remember, dinner isn't a thing here so that was a big deal!), empanadas and hot coco from our neighbors (who passed it to us from their roof at like 9:30pm haha!), and then a ton of smores with our neighbors (well, the sons of the owners of the house who live in the same yard as us). Topped all that off with waking up at 1am to throw up (just once..dont, and crawl back into bed. Hahaha classic...

Today was the best Pday yet! We took a bus into Quito, right to the edge of our mission (north boundries), and then took a EPIC gondola ride from 9500ft Quito up to about 14000 feet. It was epic. We could see miles and miles and miles of Quito and a ton of Volcanoes and Mountain have to check out the pics!

We dropped off our third companion at the offices on Thursday, so we are back to a companionship of 2 again! It was sad to drop him off but its nice being back in a normal comp.

Halloween questions: nothing really went down here on the equator for halloween. But we had an awesome halloween breakfast as a zone on halloween morning (Friday). The hermanas made bomb french toast with all the toppings you can name, including bacon. Bombbb!

Halloween eve/random pics before we dropped off Elder S

Love you all! Happy Halloween and Thanksgiving Month!!!
-Elder Sorensen

14000ft baby!