Monday, November 17, 2014


Yesterday we got changes, and unfortunately Elder G and I are finally departing from each other. After an EPIC 12 weeks, my dude is heading to a differnet part of Quito, much more south. And I am staying here in my sector, which will probably be my last 6 weeks here. My new companion is........

ELDER B! He is from Manabi, Ecuador (the best beaches in image it!). He has 1 year on the mission, and joined the church 2 years ago. None of his family are fetch, he already has so much of my respect. He is a beast. Only picked him up from the massive bus station in the middle of Quito a few hours ago, but I already like this guy a ton. He is way mellow and just a sweet dude. Can understand a lilll english, but not much. AKA, my Spanish is finally gonna get the fine tuning it needs! I am way excited. Gonna be a good change. Also...everyone tells me this dude can COOK like crazy....I'll be the judge of that tonight ;)
While waiting for my new companion (for about 3 hours, after sending off Elder G), I got to hang out and talk with Elder U, one of my best buddies from the MTC. He has been in Santo Domingo, the Coast, so I gave him the rundown on Quito! We talked for like 2 hours and it was awesome. He is ballin, and loving the mish. Way good to talk with him and a  few other friends throughout the mission. 
It was a way solid week. Elder G and I visited all our friends in the ward a few times because we had a pretty solid feeling he was outta here--and topped it off with a BAPTISM on Saturday! F, the 38 year old big man from the coast, was finally baptized. After a long process which included a dream that he should go back to the catholic church, going back to his old church for 1 week, and there finally recieving his answer that the church was true, and being baptised was something he needed to do. After that, him and his sister and her 2 sons, who have been less active, have been coming to church with him, and all were at his baptism this Saturday. He is so happy now, and every since recieving his answer he has just had a totally different aura about happy for him. He has gone through some rough times but he made it and now is already recieving the crazy amount of blessing that the gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer. A good amount of members attended...and dang, it was just a beautiful service! AWESOME end to the change.
Well...other than that, the work is still rollin and I'm still doing all very good. Don't worry about me, just keep praying for my Cougars.
Oh yea. Elder Gon also left, so now I live with 3 latinos. Chile, Columbia, and Ecuador. DOPE!
Love you all!
Elder Sorensen

´´La obra de salvacion´´ (work of salvation - don't worry, we were just posing for a picture for the 1st counselor in the bishopric!)

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