Monday, November 3, 2014

4 Months

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DANG....tomorrow I have ´4 months´ (even though I left like 3.5 ago, the 5 weeks and the MTC and the coming to Ecuador a few days into the change kinda make 2 weeks outta nothing...but mish-wise I have 16 weeks tomorrow!!)

Anyways. It was another solid week. I am loving it as much as ever. We had a tough week as far as teaching goes...but we had a family of 4 who we have been teaching for about a month in church! They are from the coast and are way cool! After an awesome lesson with them about families and the blessings we can receive from the church with them and our high priest leader, they finally were able to make it to church and it was great!! It was cool for them to hear so many peoples testimonies (cause it was fast Sunday).

Even though we had a rough week teaching, we were fed more than ever!! Topped off a week of bomb food with dinner last night with a member (remember, dinner isn't a thing here so that was a big deal!), empanadas and hot coco from our neighbors (who passed it to us from their roof at like 9:30pm haha!), and then a ton of smores with our neighbors (well, the sons of the owners of the house who live in the same yard as us). Topped all that off with waking up at 1am to throw up (just once..dont, and crawl back into bed. Hahaha classic...

Today was the best Pday yet! We took a bus into Quito, right to the edge of our mission (north boundries), and then took a EPIC gondola ride from 9500ft Quito up to about 14000 feet. It was epic. We could see miles and miles and miles of Quito and a ton of Volcanoes and Mountain have to check out the pics!

We dropped off our third companion at the offices on Thursday, so we are back to a companionship of 2 again! It was sad to drop him off but its nice being back in a normal comp.

Halloween questions: nothing really went down here on the equator for halloween. But we had an awesome halloween breakfast as a zone on halloween morning (Friday). The hermanas made bomb french toast with all the toppings you can name, including bacon. Bombbb!

Halloween eve/random pics before we dropped off Elder S

Love you all! Happy Halloween and Thanksgiving Month!!!
-Elder Sorensen

14000ft baby!

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