Monday, October 27, 2014


This week was pretty crazy! First, because of some emergency changes, we got a new companion from Columbia, Elder S. We picked him up last Tuesday, and were only supposed to be with him for 3 days, then a week, but the APs still dont know what the plan is so we have a few more days with him! Not sure what went down in Santo Domingo, but he is a WAY COOL DUDE! It is fun working with him. He only has 3 weeks in the mission. But he makes us speak more Spanish--which is good for Elder G and I, cause we rarely do outside of teaching and meetings haha. ALSO, on Friday, another emergency change went down, and out DL Elder A went to the Offices as a Finance Secretary, and his comp left too...and we now have 2 Hermana Misionaries in our ward! Which is kinda a bummer cause the other missionaries were awesome, but the ward is super happy to have sisters again (its been over a year!), so everything is all good :) Elder Gon is now our DL, which means we have a cell phone in our house--which is saving us some money. Score! Elder Gon and I did divisions Saturday, it was fun working with him--and we ate some BOMB food like always. He was a Zone Leader for like 6 months before training, so he knows a ton and has taught me a ton already.

Today for Pday we had a Zone Activity. We met at the church in Conocoto, had a Zone Study, then went into the heart of Quito--this MASSIVE park (like Central Park in NY), and played some soccer/hung out, and then went to get some Subway in downtown Quito. Twas another good Pday. Last Pday, right after emailing...we had a Family Home Evening and did a chocolate fountain....literally ate until I couldnt--which if you know me, that takes a lot haha.

All is well out here--still having a blast, especially living with 4 Elders. Elder G and Gon are always pranking each other. Mattress in the kitchen/bathroom, tooth brush soaked in Aji (super super spicy pepper down here), alarms set for 4 in the morning....It is hilarious. All fun and games. We also play Uno and the loser always has to eat something crazy. It makes the long days a little easier knowing we have an hour or so to have a good time at night. But dont worry--we are still staying plenty focused!!! Just having a good time while doing the Lord´s work :)

The work is going well. Nothing too big or new. Just still teaching a few families and other investigators. F. hopefully will be baptized this Saturday. He keeps putting it off and doubting himself--even though he knows its what he should do and believes 100% in the Book of Mormon and all our lessons. Some just need a little more time--I still got faith in him. Pray for him! Also, we rescued a less active this week. To rescue a less active, you have to teach them all the lessons, they have to come to church 3 times, and meet with the bishop. After her 4th attendance yesterday, she had her interview and is so happy to be back at church! She is always happier and has found more work lately! The blessing are coming in hot :)
Well, thats all I did (or had time to write...).
​Questions below!​
Love you all! 
Elder Sorensen 

What fun service have you done lately? We used machetes and hoes to dig up a field for O, one of our less actives. Got gnarly blisters and a nice tan! It was way fun.

Are there many young kids (in the neighborhoods, at investigators or members, or at church) who think you big, tall, strong, American missionaries are awesome? Haha..yeah. Most of the kids in our ward, of our investigators, or just on the streets love us. We tell them all we are from crazy places (Narnia, China) and can talk to animals. Classic.

Where you at in your scripture reading - do  you mainly read in English or Spanish? Finished the BOM a month or so ago, am now about 100pgs into the New Testament. All English during my hour of personal study--outside of that all spanish!

Do you have normal toilets? Shower? Yes for both, haha. Luckily!

Do you ever get sworn at, spit at, yelled at, or generally picked on? I'm sure you've had to bite your tongue a few times. Just a little from drunks who try talking english to us. Really, I am surprised how well I have been treated! All good over here :)
Make-shift poncho! Had a fun 20 minute walk home in the POURING RAIN with a garbage bag...haha asi es la mision!

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