Monday, October 20, 2014

Stay Golden

Hey all! I spent all my time today catching up on emails and downloading some EPIC mormon messages/inspirational vids/conference talks to share with our members and investigators! So forgive me for the super brief update.
It was another great week! We taught a ton again and found a new family, well kinda like 3 families who all live together in these supppper ghetto houses! They are really great, and have a ton of interest and excitement. Buut, we found out the mom and dad arent married, so it may be a long ride. Ill let you know more next week, we have only visited them 2.5 times! But they are great, and are humble as can be. 
We had a Zone Conference on Thursday with President and the Assistants and the Nurses. About half of it was all from the nurses about health and emergency plan and stuff like that. Also, Hermana C talked about keeping out houses clean AND gave us all sweet hand towels! The littlest things excite you on the mission hahaha. 

But something not so little... I GOT MY FIRST PACKAGE!!! Thanks to Gma and Gpa H, I have enough Twizzlers, Starburst, and Skittles to last me till the New Year :) And, a FAT JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER!!! Which doesnt exist my apple and PBJ consumption is about to go off the charts. And some other treats, including tissues ;) Oh gramsy :) (THANKS AGAIN!!)
Oh yeah, forgot to tell yall, but last week in Church I gave my first talk here in Ecuador!!! It went super well. A few of the members told me my spanish sounded great, and that if they hadnt known me they wouldnt have believed I only had 3.5 months on the mission. Things are looking up...! Ill take some pics of it and send it to yall next week to read! (those who can speak spanish..that is. haha)

Well, I love you all and know I am doing great! 
Elder Sorensen
A lady we were teaching hooked us up with a huge bag of Cedron, which makes BOMB tea. We transferred the leafs from her grocery bag to one of my companions ziplocks he had from a package from his girlfriend....the caption just went  too well hahaha. #Cali

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