Monday, October 13, 2014


Dear all,

It was another good week out here in the Sur. The week started out a little slow, but we ended out on a band, having 14 lessons between Fri, Sat, Sun (after having 8 over the 4 days before). F., our main progressing investigator, had his baptismal interview on Saturday and his 3rd attendance yesterday, so he is READY for baptism! And he is way excited! This, or maybe next Saturday, we will have his baptismal service. Cant wait!

Two new elders moved in with us, who are working in the sector at the bottom of our little hill/mountain. Elder Gon, from Chili, and Elder B, from Columbia. Elder Gon has 16 months, and had been a Zone Leader for the past 6 he has tons of experience and has been teaching me a ton! Also......he speaks english! Which is so clutch. He is way awesome, I already know its gonna be a super fun change! His comp is fresh out of the MTC and has a lot to learn, but has a huge heart with awesome intentions and is a good guy. Gon will help him TONS! He´ll be killin it in no time! 

On Thursday we took Gon into Quito to drop him off at the training/pick up his new companion. After dropping him off we hit up McDonalds for breakfast and DANG, egg sausage bacon mcmuffin with fresh Ecuadorian bread...tops the states! Didnt think that was possible.

Like I said, Fri through Sun we killed it. Taught tons of lessons and got fed from members or investigators like 3 times each day. And on Sunday...we had 2 of our less actives who we are helping come back to the church, and F., and the Familia D (the family we baptized last change), all in church! It was dope.

Today was a super mellow Pday. Did laundry and ate lots of food at the Familia V's house (with a washing machine!), and just napped/chilled in the casa. Hma V cleaned my white shirts and got the collars´stains COMPLETELY CLEAN...which is amazing because the main 4 shirts I wear Brian used on his mission so I thought those stains were there for eternity... ENRO baby! 

Thats all for me, but I promised Id share a few of my favorite thoughts/points from General Conference last weekend. So this morning I looked over my notes and wrote down a few things I really liked. I noticed a ton about service, fasting, and sustaining Thomas S Monson as the Prophet of God. ¡Disfrute!

Lynn G Robbins - ¨Dont forget which way you face¨ ¨Jesus always faced his Father´´

D Todd Christofferson - ´´God will not live our lives for us´´ ´´A God who makes no demands is the equivalent to a God that does not exist.´´

Dallin H Oaks - ´´Love is the very essence of the gospel, and Jesus Christ is our example.´´ 

Jorg Klebingat - ´´Accept trials, setbacks, and surprises as part of this mortal experience. Say, ´I know what this is Lord, a chance to prove myself.´´

Jeffery R Holland - Talking about serving the poor and needy, and sharing a crazy interesting scripture about Jesus Christ, the creator of the world...being homeless at some points--´´The son of man hath not a place to lay his head´´
´´Though I may not be my brothers keeper, I am my brothers brother!´´ (J, B, sup)

Dieter F Uchtdorf - ´´Lord, is it I?´´ Look inward and focus on what you can do better before trying to change something about someone else.

Richard G Scott - ´¨the more we follow Christ the more Satan tries to attack us, but with less power to affect us.´´
David A. Bednar..... ´´Come and See´´

Love you all!!
Elder Sorensen

´´Across the plains of time bleach the bones of countless thousands, who, while upon the threshold of victory, sat down to rest. And resting, they died.´´ -Paul H Dunn

Keep GRINDin my people! (Get Ready Its A New Day)

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