Monday, October 6, 2014

Transfer #3 and CONFERENCE

Ecuador, que bonitaaaaa!
Dang, 2 changes (transfers) already done! How crazy..time is really flying. Neither G or I are leaving, which means 6 more weeks in Montserrat together! We are both stoked, love our sector! But, both the Elders living with us got transfered, so on Thursday a newbie and his trainer are moving in! Which means I wont have the least time in our district, word ;) 2/17 down, and a ton of Spanish to learn and people to help in these next 15 changes! Hopefully they slow down a bit as they go...
Quito from the top of our sector
It was honestly a pretty packed week. Tuesday, we headed back into Quito, again, for a mid-training verification meeting with all the new missionaries and trainers. It was SO awesome to see Anderson (comp from MTC), and all my other homies from the CCM. They are all doing great and loving it. Not too many have gotten parasites, too ;)
The meeting was only half a day, and not too much happened. But we were fed a bomb breakfast from the Senior Missionaries (there are 2 companions of senior couples), and Subway for lunch! (which is expensive here haha). After an hour or 2 of meetings, all of the new missionaries and President Christensen and the APs headed up to the Panecillo. The Panecillo is this massive angel statue in the middle of Quito on this big random hill. From the top, you can see miles and miles of Quito both North and South. At the top of Panecillo is where Spencer W Kimball gave the dedicatory prayer when Ecuador was opened up for missionary work. We read the prayer together up there and talked about the words and our grand work in front of us for these next 21 months. It was a beautiful view and an even better experience.

Views from Panecillo
And of course--CONFERENCE. General Conference on the mission is basically like Christmas. It was a dang nice weekend. We watched it down in San Rafael, about 1 hour bus from our house--so we just stayed down there in between all the sessions on Sat and Sun. There was a gringo room for us missionaries from North America, and a few members who spoke English! Getting to hear the talks in English was the best. So many epic talks, and I definitely got so much more out of it than I ever have. Maybe cause Im out here on a mission...maybe because before I was in my pjs on the couch eating popeye pancakes. But, it really was great. I havent had the chance to look at any of my notes, because right after Conf on Sunday we have lessons--which means you will have to wait until next week to hear my favorite talks and thoughts from Conference. But obviously, Bednar's was amazing. (
Today was another sweet P Day. We went to this massive mall in San Luis (hour or so away from our house). It was bigger and nicer than most I have been to in the States. Rich people do exist in Ecuador, who woulda thought! It was fun hanging out there, getting some pictures developed, and listening to American Music throughout the mall. Im not sure why I capitilized american music...probably because I am a patriot.
This week was a little slow on the work because we didnt work Saturday and Sunday or most of Tuesday, but we still managed to find 8 new people to teach including one AWESOME family from the Coast. So far all 6 of our most solid investiagators are from the coast, they are just so open and cool! The dad loves soccer and even likes rugby, score! We also had F., a MASSIVE 6ft 350lb black man from the coast come to conference with us to the Sunday PM session. He absolutely loved it!! He now has 2 attendances, so next Saturday he can get baptized! He is the man. And a large one.
I love you all and hope you got as much out of conference as I did. The church is true and God is grrrrrrrreat.
Elder Sorensen
OH, also, Friday Elder G and I adventured the borders of our sector. Found about 300 more houses over a mountain...and found an abandoned house with the DOPEST view from the top...where you can see Quito to the left and the Valley of Conocoto to the right. Lo maximo vista! 

 The epic view from the abandoned house!

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