Monday, May 11, 2015

An Ode to Carebear.

Okay, I am not actually gonna write an ode to my wonderful momma...but I will say that talking to her and the rest of the fam last night was AWESOME! To make up for the lame freestyle poem I read to her (while pretending to read from a ´´Restoration´´ pamphlet lol) I did write her a short, heartfelt poem. (Keep in mind missionaries dont have too much free time to write good poems...but), it goes like this.

Carol is my momma, my momma bear
Full of love, passion, jokes, and care.
She cares for my brothers, sisters, and me,
And without her, who knows where we´d be.
Her stature is tall, but her heart is larger,
I love her to the moon, and then a bit farther.
She is a great teacher  and a better friend,
With Carebear and I, there is no end. 
I love my mom, and I say so proudly...
She´s my mom. Today, tomorrow, and for eternity.

Love ya momma! Go get a cone from McDees, on me! (jk, you got this, Kent!)
 Baptism last week

Oh yeah, also got my new companion on Thursday! He is Elder B from Colombia and has been here in Ecuador for 4 days now. He is a beast and has a lot of potential to be a GREAT missionary. The trainers conference was awesome and I got to see a few of my good friends who only have a few months left...including my mission ´´grandpa´´! He is a beast. My comp and I are excited to work hard and get along great. Its gonna be a way good 5-11 weeks together.

Also, had the baptism of M on Satuday. It was awesome. Her whole family was there, including her less active son. It was an awesome service and she was super happy and has made some amazing positive changes in her life. I love my job. :)
Love you! 
Elder Sorensen

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