Monday, April 20, 2015


Rocking the birthday tie, thanks KK!!

Not gonna hit a subject line this week, nor a ´´Dear all/Hey/Friends and Family´´--but not because I am trying to be cool, but because I am tired and cant even think of what to say.

Reason I am tired-- Today we had an epic zone activity and went to this half size turf soccer field and played an epic 2 hours of soccer. We play soccer a lot down here...but usually only on cement courts the size of basketball today was way dope, and way tiring. It felt way good to run around and get exhausted...reminded me of the good ol days :,) Quick moment of boasting....we were down 3-6 with like 15 minutes left of our field time...and I demanded to stop playing goalie (in a nice, missionary way), and went down and had 3 straight goals. Felt pretty good, then realized I was playing soccer and wasnt quite as stoked...but still felt good. Haha. We play to win, but hey, I´ll take the tie.

Hmm, what else. I feel great!! I have felt a lot better health wise almost all week since Tuesday. Saturday I felt pretty sick again, but it was just God teasing me. Sunday I woke up and felt good again, and currently feel nioooooce!

 Birthday of a lil hommie. Ecuadorian tradition-´´que muerdas el pastel!´´

I gave a talk yesterday. Gave the same talk I did a few months ago in my last ward, on missionary work and how members can more easily/comfortably share the gospel. Thanks again, Jeff ;)

The work is going great. After the first few slow weeks, the work is really picking up here on our mountain. We will hopefully have 2 baptisms this Saturday (one is for sure, the other should be for sure as long as everything goes well with the WEDDING on Friday!!) We are really excited, and are gonna do all we can to help out both D and B so that they can feel PUMPED and ready to enter into the waters of baptism this Saturday...and then never look back! Its awesome seeing people make changes and even more awesome being able to help them start a new life and get rid of ANY/ALL guilt/sorrow/regrets they might have from their past. Really have seen tons of miracles out here...If God made the world in 6 days...he can do whatever we ask of him if we have the faith and do our part. 

Well, other than that, the work is going good. We have a sweet pool of about 8 other people we are teaching, a few who have come to church once and the rest who we need to help learn more and gain a little more faith! 

This Saturday we have interviews with President....stoked!! Cant wait to talk with him again and hit him with some gnarly questions....the dude knows everything!!

Oh yeah...also played a lil game of Ultimate Frisbee after soccer today...thanks Manny ;)

Love you all, keep on keeping on and know that Elder Sorensen thinks of you oft. (is oft a word?)

Until next time.
Elder Sorensen

(how I am starting to feel about our sector/the people we are teaching...GREAT IS MY JOY!)

And now my beloved brethren, do you believe these things? Behold, I say unto you, yea, I know that ye believe them; and the way that I know that ye believe them is by the manifestation of the Spirit which is in me. And now because your faith is strong concerning that, yea, concerning the things which I have spoken, great is my joy.

Ecuadorian dinner brought to you by 2 Americans (popcorn, pbJs, Coke)

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