Monday, April 6, 2015


Hey all. It was a packed week. Get ready....
Bball hoop in our sector...HAHA
First, HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM CAROL! She is the best mom I have ever had, and after talking to all 3 of my siblings for many years...they say she is the best mom they have ever had either. Conclusion-she is the best mom ever. 

Even her students love her! She asked one of her first graders how old he thought she was. He thought for a minute than solemnly replied, "1000." Hahaha classic!!
I wont be able to knock of 1000 things I love about my mom like Katie Sorinsin would....but here are a few.
She is the perfect match for Kent R.
She is CareBear to almost all of my friends.
She has a great smile.
She got my and my siblings out of Utah before most of us were born, and then got us all out of Detroit before any of us were dead.
She is really really funny (even though she usually doesnt try)
She loves naps.
She is ALWAYS down for Chipotle.
She loves sports.

She is 6 feet tall, and married a 6 foot 4 inch Kent, which has blessed us all with largeness.

She writes me every week, even if its a one liner at 1AM on Sunday Night ;)
Without her, I wouldnt be here in Ecuador serving a mission.
Without her, I wouldnt be alive.

Next, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Christ lives.

Next, Conference. EPIC, no? I was way sick and had to watch it all in spanish this time...but nonetheless it was dang good! Got a ton out of it and am excited to reread all the talks to get even more!

Shoutout to the awesome announcement of three new temples!!! Bangkok, Thailand; Port Au Prince, Haiti; and the Ivory Coast...can you say ´´every nation, kindred, tongue, and people´´...?!

Two of my favorite talks from this weekend...
Elder Pearson and Renlund...Pearson is the next JRH and Renlund just a great classic man, with a SWEET Mandela intro. And then an awesome firm reminder about the whole Latter Day Sinners/Quitters/Hypocrites. BAM!

Well, all is well down here, the sickness only lasted 2 days and thanks to like 1000 bottles of water and some Ritz crackers iSurvived.
Love yall! Dont forget it.

Elder Sorensen

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