Monday, April 13, 2015


Hey all.
Sadly...Elder Sorensen didnt actually get over that sickness...Still rocking a gnarly cold and coming up on the 3 week sick mark...
BUT, all is well. We had a great week of work, and all 3 of the main people we are teaching made it to church yesterday. B and D have a baptismal date for the 25th of April, and M for the 2nd of May. All 3 of them have family members who are members--which will make the fellowshiping for them a lot easier/more effective. They are all great...and Ill tell more about them when I dont feel soo tired/sick.
La Casa
Had an excellent split on Thursday with and Elder from Las Vegas... He has about 20 months and was All State for football before the we talked a ton about his plans after wards...I gave him all the advice I could. Football, family, girlfriend--pick 2. Haha! It was great though, we had a way good day of work and really enjoyed talking sports/real life stuff (and about church and all that too!!)
Aite, Im out. Gonna go hit a few lessons and then get to bed early. Tomorrow I start waking up 15 minutes early to get better workouts in and also am gonna start eating tons of fruit/water to KILL THIS SICKNESS.
Love yall. A lot.
Elder Sorensen

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