Monday, June 29, 2015

One week older and wiser too

Whattup all.

Just thought I’d drop in and holla at my favorite people in the world. (sup B..?!)

It was a solid week. Will hit a few highlights

Sweet view in the sector...stairs of DEATH!

1) Friday we had interviews with President. For the first time in a handful of years we did them in our houses...which meant Monday-Thursday we were cleaning a lil every night haha! Luckily we keep our crib way clean so we didnt have to do much....but some other houses I’ve seen, I feel bad for those elders. The interviews went great. Super short this time, seeing as Pres had to drive house to house, but still good. One thing President told me which stuck with me a lot is that ``time is one of the most scarce resources a missionary has, and if we learn to take advantage of everything minutes, time will go by faster and at the end we will feel so much better/more satisfied with the time we served``. Epic. I can agree to that, this week had a few trunky moments as I realized in less than 1 year I’ll be home....but wow, this (almost) year has FLOWN by and I am way excited to take advantage of this next year. TIME to get to work! ;)

2) Pday. I love Mondays... Hit a solid district workout in the morning and than played soccer with the district and 2 other elders...4 on 4. Gringos vs Latinos. We came out on top 10-7....BALLIN! Then we hit subway/mcdonalds ice cream and dang.... I love America.

3) The work!! The work is going well. Got a sweet reference from the church awesome family!!! The mom`s mom is a member and they have 6 and 8 year old girls. They are great, and we had a sweet lesson with them Saturday, and even though they couldn’t get to church (already planned a lil vacay), we are stoked to work with them this week! Also if all goes well should have a marriage this week...and a pool party Saturday!

I love you all and hope you know that you got an Elder praying for you everyday.

Elder Sorensen

And finally, to make up for a few lazy weeks....a question from my wonderful Gma!!!

How do people perceive time or appointments within this culture?
This is kinda a funny question, time wise. Ill answer with a small story. We had a sweet ward activity on Friday night...but unfortunately it started at 830 when it was supposed to start at 730. A few investigators/less actives came....waited....and left before it even started, which was frustrating for us. So...truth is here in Ecuador (and most of South America I hear), people are pretty unpunctual. Not just in the church, but outside too. If someone says an hour....most people show up 15-45 min short....but hey, the world still turns so its all good! I love Ecuador :)

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