Monday, July 6, 2015


HAPPY 6th OF JULY!!!! I would wish yall a happy 4th, but I can only email on Mondays sooo....itll have to due. I just want you all to know I love America and all the great men who helped America gain its freedom....HooRAH!

Alright...back to life down here in Ecuador.


It was another solid week. To be honest...nothing too special happened, but it was a great week. We found a handful of new people to teach, got a marriage date from next week and a baptism for this week or the next for 1-3 awesome people (depending on when the parents get married). 

Elder B and I are still getting along great. This week we asked a homie from the ward to lend us his guitar, so we´ve been hitting our daily hymns during comp study with a little guitar action. (He has a Hymn Book in English....I now love singing hymns in English). Also, I've been teaching my boy how to play the guitar. Gotta teach em while they're young.

Oh yeah. The Pope is in Ecuador! Hooray! Yesterday he landed here in Quito, today he's in Guayaquil, and tomorrow back in Quito. Its actually pretty sweet because all public transportation has been FREE since Friday and until tomorrow....thanks to the Pope I have saved about 5-10 dollars this weekend! Also, a ton of teaching opportunities/questions that people have regarding our religion and the Bible and God and all that good stuff that I spend 14 hours a day talking/thinking about. NICE!

Morning view from the roof!

Oh yeah...also, got a ton of questions about some of the pics from the past few
All those pics on the stairs/with the random park in the mountain side are just pics from my sector. Thought I'd start taking more pics (well...having my comp take more pics cuz I never carry my camera) because I have been slacking.
The pic with the hardhat...a member in the ward is deconstructing/salvaging/selling all the parts from a gas station that blew up last year. So that pic is under ground where about 50,000 gallons of gas would usually be. One of the 10,000 gallon tanks exploded last year can guess the rest. Was awesome going down there....espcially cause we found work for one of our investigators with that same member. Win win!

Well...I'm outta here. Love yalll...
Elder Sorensen

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