Monday, July 13, 2015

Mosiah 2:17

Was running late for an appointment.

´´And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.´´

Wattup Fam. It was another soliidddddd week that went way too fast. This week we had some awesome experiences and had the chance to SERVE!! We did 3 service projects and were able to help one family we are teaching dig out of a pretty tough situation. Let me tell you about it...

Well, a family we found a little over a week ago live in the house of their grandparents. And after seeing us come visit them a few times, the grandparents told them to kick us to the curb or they need to get out of the house. So....they said ´´bueno, vamanos!´´. And from Monday-Saturday built their house on the lot of land right behind their grandparents house. They worked like crazy and we were able to help them 2 times for a few hours to do some heavy lifting/roof setting and now they have their own house and are free to do what they want when they want. Talk about a leap of faith!!! Another sweet part is that their 8 year old daughter has already read all the pamphlets we have! They are great.

View from the house we helped build this week!

We also did a service project as a district for a single mom who gives us lunch on Friday and Saturday. She had a ton of work in the garden to do and after about 3 hours of hard work we were able rip down an old fence, put up a new one, and clean up the garden! I love serving will find you are the happiest when you arent thinking about yourself and your needs but are focused on other people. 

Our best friends. Age is just a number.

Well...not too much more. Had another sweet Pday. Hit up some soccer as a zone and then hung out with one of my best buddies in the mish who goes home in 10 days.

Oh ready for some dope pics next week...Elder U and I are gonna hit a #1 pinatta at our zone meeting...perfectly falls on our official 1 year mark. Ballin!

Love you all! Serve someone. You will feel good and they will be happy. What more does this world need?

Elder Sorensen

Fried fish with our homie!

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