Monday, July 27, 2015

To the COAST!

Well...another change come and gone...and after a life changing year in Quito, I'm heading to the coast. Well, in my terms its not the coast, because there isnt beach, but its at 1500 feet rather than 11000, so they call it the coast. I am in Santo Domingo and I LOVE IT. Its hot as heck and gonna be a nice lil challenge making the transition, but so far love what I see. It reminds me a ton of Carlsbad... skinny streets with colorful houses and tons of fruit and that coastal humility...its NIOCE. It was also a wayyyyy dope 3.5 hour bus ride into the bus terminal of SD, straight up jungle!! Saw more than 50 waterfalls during the trip and some of the densest jungle and deepest valleys I`ve seen with my own eyes. Truly was an epic ride...not even Taken 2 could take my eyes off the scenery! ;) 

From what I hear the people here in the coast are super open and cook AMAZING food. Have been sweating since I got off the bus but I AM DOWN!!

My new companion is Elder V, from Chile! I`ll be training him as he only has 5 weeks in the mission and his pops just finished, so it'll be another sweet opportunity to try to help out a new homie! I am also working as a district leader over a district of 10 missionaries and am excited to learn/try to help out the homies!! Holla at my cell # if ya want... JK! ;)

Familia came to church to visit me yesterday! Just in time...

Mi hijo, Elder B, is staying on our beloved mountain and will be training a new missionary! We were sooo shocked when we got the news but I am way stoked for him and know he`s about to learn/grow sooooo much. He`s a beast. 

Our home gym in the old sector. Starting construction tomorrow on the new one!

One of 7 new soccer jerseys

It was tough saying bye to the ward and to the amazing city of Quito. But I`m sure I will be back soon. Until then... your boy`s gonna live it up in the coast!!
Will send tons of pics and tell more about the new area when I know more!

Love you all. Say whats up to the homies for me.

Saying bye to 2 of my main homies

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