Monday, August 3, 2015


Hey all. Guess what...running out of time again. So will be quick and just hit up some questions that the fam asked.

So, tell us about:
Elder V, from Chile
My new comp is sweet! He’s got just a few weeks in the mish but is already doing really well. He is really interested in becoming a great missionary and learning english so he is just my type!! (or companion...ya know...). He’s a short/hyper dude and way funny/good at magic. DOPE!

Your district
We are 10 missionaries in the district. 3 gringos, a homie from Honduras, a homie Nicaraguan, Peruvian, and sisters from Domincan Republic and Peru. And me and my comp. Had a sweet training on thursday and are all getting excited for a good/successful change!

Your new area
Well...its HUGE. And really ghetto and a lil sketchy. Some jungle parts, some parts that look like africa (super rough conditions), and a lil area that is normal houses. Its hot as heck but I’m adapting bit by bit!

The new food
The food is soooooo good! We eat with the bishop every day for lunch, and with the bishops mother in law at night every day....and they both cook AMAZING. So happy to eat every day haha.

Your new ward
New ward is dope. About 140 members attending, a lil smaller than the last ward. Some awesome families. And we are the only elders in the ward so we get all the priesthood support. DOWN!

The people
Costenos...they are dope! Talk way different and have a funny life style. Some way cool/humble fams and some awesome new families we found this week!! Found more new people to teach this week than any other week in the mish! 

What you hear from Elder B
Elder B is training another Colombian and saw a pic of them....seems like a sweet dude! Will hopefully hear from him in a few weeks when I roll into Quito for a visa.

The humidity
Dont even wanna go there....but its DANG humid/hot. But I love it....kinda.

Your investigators
Got a few that are progressing really slow who we are helping get a little more motivated, and found/taught almost 20 new people this week. Trying to get a nice new pool of people to teach!

You mentioned you're DL of 10 missionaries, are all of them in Santo Domingo?
Yup. 6 Elders from the neighboring ward, and then us and the sisters from our ward. But all are here closeby.

Any good places to eat that are unlike Quito cuisine?
The food is way different and better. But is tough to describe. Basically every little store sells ice cream and tons of fruit and coconut water/ it def has some bomb tropical foods! outta here! Sorry for the Q&A haha...but just know all is good and I survived the most exhausting week of the mish and loving it down here!


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