Monday, August 10, 2015


Hey all!!
It was another great week here in Santo Domingo. To be honest, had a few of the toughest days of the mish so far, but when all was said and done the week ended up just fine! God blessed us with some cloudy/moderate weather which was CLUTCH! I love it down here...even if I do sweat like crazy every day. Dont judge ;)

Well, today has been a little bit crazy for a pday. Some how got ourselves into a lil service project....on our 1 free day of the week....but hey, CALLED TO SERVE! Jajajaja. Had to help some converts get ready for a big bday party/celebration tonight. We are gonna eat real well we arent complaining!

This Wednesday we have a multizone conference with Presidente Christensen and Elder Waddell of the 1Q of the that should be awesome!!! These next 4 weeks are about to be crazy. 2 zone conferences, trip to Quito to renew visa, trip to Quito for a leaders conference, meeting with President/mission nurses/the members that feed us, annnnnd our weekly district meetings every thursday. Hold on tight boys!!

Unfortunately didnt take many pics this week.... Our sector is pretty dangerous so I havent been carrying my camera, but will take it out 1 day to make Momma happy with some pics, deal? :) Quick thought/experience about that.... Here on the mission I am sooooo protected, it is crazy. On a daily basis I walk down dirt roads without street lights in very poor/sketchy neighborhoods with tons of people in the streets and often drunks/big groups of men....and almost never have felt scared/that my life was in risk. For over a year now I have been in situations that before would creep me out, but know I truly feel God´s hand guiding me and protecting me and have been able to do what I need to do for Him and know that He will lead the way. The mission is grateful for these short 2 years to learn like crazy and experience things that I will never be able to experience outside of the mission. The church is true and the Book of Mormon is....also true. Read it!

Love you all. Sleep and extra hour or two for your boy cause he is lacking!!


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