Monday, August 31, 2015

Quito part 2

Hey all!! 

This week was another crazy but excellent one. Due to some divisions, and 2 conferences in Quito, I was only with my comp/in my sector for like 3 days, but they were solid ones! This week (last week of the change...) we are back home in the sector for the whole time together so we are excited to get things done!! A lil recap of the week...

Tuesday we had a specialized zone training with President Christensen. It was pretty short and was basically a review/add on to Elder Waddell´s mission tour--it was a solid training. Highlight...Hna Christensen´s snickerdoodles! Jaja! <3

Thursday I left to Quito again with Elder W, at about 8 am. We got into Quito, got lunch, and then headed up to the Quito North Mission for the multimission conference. All the Quito North mission was there, all the missionaries from Quito from our mission, and some leaders from the further away cities. It was sooo good seeing some mission buddies, and some MTC buddies from the other mission! I also met my grandson, Elder S. He is also from Colombia...I got a pretty Colombian blood like, haha! He is great, and Elder B is killin it too. They baptized a family we had been teaching right before I left...the 20 year old daughter was a nun for a year before we found her...epiccccc.

Friday we had the district leader conference in Quito. The conference was great. Learded a ton and am excited to apply all I learned. The mish is dope cause as we learn more we keep learning that there is so much more to do/improve on. 

After the conf on Friday, I headed to the hospital for a quick medical appointment. The feet are doing good, dont trip! Switching back to my original shoes, give me a little more foot space. Bloody feet. (as in Harry Potter term...they arent actually bleeding. not that much...)

Had a solid weekend here in Santo Domingo. Our normal Sunday lunch fam was outta down, but Bishop came in clutch and hooked us up. I love being a missionary, hah!

So my question of the week (from CareBear) - do you ever dream in Spanish? 
These days I kinda dream in Spanglish. My comp told me I usually speak half and half when I sleep talk, so Im guessing I dream in both too. Last week he told me I got angry in spanish and then started talking mellow/happy again in english. Maybe I have a different personality for each language when I sleep...? All I know is that I love sleep.

Love you all! Go Cougs.


12 weeks and even the skinniest Colombians can get bulked ;) hahaha

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