Monday, September 7, 2015


Sorry to be really short again...but am way short on time due to having to take care of changes. Speaking of changes. I will be staying here in the coast in Santo Domingo and will be training again...heading in to Quito Tuesday/Wednesday to go pick up my new companion! Super excited for another chance to train and get trained/taught from my new comp!! Hopefully I will be able to help him a bit... 3rd ones the charm, right...?

My comp Elder V is going to Quito, and will be comps with someone from his same group....Ballin! I miss Quito, but will be heading back 2 more times this changes...Quito misses me too. ;)

That one time I killed my zone leaders. (both went home this week... RIP!!)

The work went well. We had a great week. We were in our sector all 7 days and it was EPIC! Got some serious work pumped out and I am super excited for the potential success we can have this change.

I love the mish. And I love you all. Go COUGS!! LETS GO.

Elder Sorensen

Bday of Luis Angel. (leaves to Guatemala in 25 days, will be my comp for the next 2 days)

Bday of Bishop

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