Monday, September 14, 2015


On the way to Quito

Hey all! So, starting last week we have 30 minutes less of email time. Which is fine, cause turns out we used to have the more time than any other mission in the whole South America North East Area.... But anyways, starting next week I am going to try to write the group email first, and make it a little more detailed to make up for not being able to respond to some of you right away!

Monday-Wednesday morning I had a mini-missionary. I really didnt want to lose 3.5 days in my sector, so I called President Monday and got permission to be comps with a 18 year old homie who is leaving for the mission in Guatemala in 20 days. It was sweet working with him and giving him so advice. We got some SOLID work done, too. 

Wednesday morning I headed to Quito (deja vu) to pick up my new comp! He is Elder F from Guayaquil, Ecuador! He is a great missionary and I am really excited for another chance to train/learn/grow. We are excited to get to work here in Santo Domingo!! 

Thursday night we got back, and since then have had a few solid days out in the streets. Almost had a crazy last minute baptism yesterday, a super old dude left today to get heart surgery and wanted to get baptized (had been preparing for the following week). President decided we should give him a blessing and hope that he makes it out of his heart surgery and will be able to be baptzed in a few months. Sounds good to me!! Was a pretty fun/hectic sunday morning, though. 

Today was a super mellow pday. Just got organized and relaxed. And got a every other week, jaja! #mishlife

Oh, and on Saturday we helped at a Stake Blood Drive for a few hours, then went to a reitrement home and sung to some old folks, it was great. I love old people. Highlight was watching a super old/bent over black man from Esmeraldas (the coast/land of good food and good music and good dance) went harrrrrd on the dance floor. Este viejito sabe bailarrrrrrr!!

Well, I love you!! Have a great week! Until next time...
Buddy who arrived with my comp and lived in one of Elder Cuv´s first wards....#<3

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