Monday, August 24, 2015

¿are you down?


Another week in the books. Time is flying faster than ever and starting to freak me out a little bit. Someone told me there was life after the mish but I`m still not sure if I believe them...but for now.........

It was a solid week. Hit up a cool little 2 days getaway to Quito with a buddy who started the mission with me and is currently serving in my zone, Elder W. It was so fun traveling with him and being comps for 2 days while our comps stayed and hit a little pavement (or, dirt). He is a great dude and is heading to the Y after the mish, DOWN!!!

The lil trip to Quito was super chill. I love that city and it was SOOOO great just being back for a few days. Got some visa work done, hung out with a few buddies from my group, ate some BOMB burritos at a restaurant called Tarzan in downtown Quito, hit up some McyDees breakfast, and had a nice 8 hours of travel time to relax/check out some sweet views. 

This week I will be heading back to Quito for 2 days again for a leaders conference. And will maybe head down a day early for doctors appointment to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Dang toes....haha!

We had a few excellent baptisms this week! A is the son of a great dude who had been less active for about 25 years, and just about 4 weeks ago had a huge change of heart and is now strong in the church and was able to see his youngest son be baptized. They are a great family and we love them so much. Now its time to work on the mama and older brother so that they can be an ETERNAL FAMILY. Are you down?!

Thats about it. Love you all and love the Lord. I am down.


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