Monday, November 9, 2015


Okay, its not Christmas...yet. But I did have a snowball fight today!!! Today we climbed (not to the top...dont trip, mama bear) Chimborazo!! It is supposedly the highest summit from the center of the earth!!! There are volcanos a good amount taller...but due to being on the equator and the earths oval shape....its the highest summit. #Science. Jaja. It was epic!!!! I hadnt seen snow since BYU like 5 years ago (or 1.5 years ago....the years blend together these days). We couldnt see anything the whole drive up the base of the volcano, as it was crazy cloudy and foggy, but once we got up to the 1st and 2nd refuge it was SUPER CLEAR. We basically hopped above all the clouds....epic. I dont have too much to right about ill just send a bunch of pics. It was like a 2 hour drive from Riobamba to the 1st refuge, and then about an hour hike up to the second refuge. Met people from like 10 different countries... I felt like I was in the beginning of my mish again... #communicationprobs

The trip to Quito was chill. Ended up staying this Monday-Wednesday cause my comp had a knee appointment (all is well). We chilled in the offices Tuesday night and Wednesday until 4pm....I almost jumped out the window. It was sooooo boring/hard sitting in a chair for so much time. Upside, watched every video you can imagine on downside....felt like a elephant trapped in a bathroom stall. (No, I´m not thaaaaat fat...yet). 
Missionary Leadership Council on Tuesday was good. Got to spend a lot of time with my boy Elder U and see a few other buds. The conference was good. Learned alot. Next month we are gonna start a mission wide bus contacting movement. My comp and I tested it out a few time this week. Surprisingly, Ecuadorians pay a lot of a attention to a huge gringo talking about God in the front of a bus that he doesn´t even fit in...EPIC. Feeling a lil big more like Dan Jones every day, jaja!
On Saturday we had a sisters conference. Where all the sisters in the zone get together and us and the Sister Trainers train about different phases of missionary work. It went really well, and we ate cake at the end. Score.

Well, thats about it. Oh yeah! Carebear asked me some Qs....

Are you getting daily meals or cooking for yourself? 
We eat lunch every day with a member from the neighboring branch, and then make dinner in the house. If we have time/are close to home we hit a lil dinner break, if not we just make a lil something when we get home. As in Tuna Sammys and Spaghetti with ketchup...DOWN!

Tell me more about the area, etc. Pretty sure I did last week..but its...pretty. ;)

Random question, but are the beds there long enough for you? Or do you have to put a chair at the end so your feet don't hang over?
No. My whole mission I have had my ankles/feet hanging off the bed or sleeping in a diagonal position so that they can barely fit on. Its not too bad, but I do miss a nice, large, Sorensen-sized bed
Love you all! Enjoy a few pics...more will come next week (took most with Elder Anderson´s camera...)

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