Monday, November 30, 2015


A few weeks ago we met up with the Zone Guaranda....and a few weeks latter now we are one big happy zone. Exciting stuff!

Well, my comp died. It was a sad week, but he lives close (about 6 hours in bus) so he is planning on coming to visit soon. He´s a beast and finished STRONG!
Changes came. Im staying here. The zone Guaranda (the whole province of Bolivar) just got combined with our zone, so we now have about 10 more missionaries in the zone, a total of 26. With 12 sisters. Our sister trainers have a lot of work to do this change, haha! I am also really excited because we will get to travel down to the other province and get to know a little bit more of thie awesome country! My new comp is Elder B, from Arizona. He is from my group and I have known him since the MTC in Mexico...we were just in the same zone 2 changes ago in Santo Domingo...he is following me! We are excited...with the new/big zone and the companionship. Also, Elder A is staying here for his 4th straight change! Gonna be training along with 4 others in the zone...gonna be an exciting/busy change! And we have some trips to Quito for Christmas Conference and another conference...lets goo!! We gotta sacrifice some writing time to go find some new houses for missionaries who arrived today....sorry mom. <3
Love you all. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Hope the letter from last week finally got to you guys..

Elder Sorensen

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