Monday, November 16, 2015



These weeks are going by faster than Usain Bolt in the 200m dash. My comp is officially down to 13 days left in the mission, and we are doing all we can to make sure that he finishes the mish working like crazy and leaving all he can on the field. (Sup, Pops.) We had a really good, fast, average week. A few highlights were....

-Splits with Elder A (MTC comp). Tuesday to Wednesday Elder A and I were reunited. About 15 months ago we were comps in the MTC, not being able to speak Spanish, having no idea what we were about to get into, and living up the new missionary life. This week was super dope because we worked like crazy, taught like crazy, I taught him the art of the bus contact, and we went hard on some american food (pizza and carl´s jr...). I have no idea where the time is going but at least we are doing all we can to make it count!!

-Baptisms/epic branch activity. On Friday, two sons of two different families were baptized. Both families had been less active for a few years, and on Friday their families became complete (as far as being members of the church goes, hahaha). It was a great baptismal service and has been sweet seeing huge changes in these two family’s lives. Afterwards we had a DOPE branch activity. Basically, each organization made a typical food of Ecuador, and everyone (like 80 people!!!) just had a good time eating a ton of delish food and learning about temples and how they can become an eternal family. Does that sound like an amazing combo, or what?

-Cool district activity to a little lagoon 30 minutes outside of the city. Thats about it...haha, we went to a cool little lagoon!

-and...thats about it. Oh yeah, a 20 year old homie, J, left today to Peru to serve a mission. He is a beast and helped us sooo much, he is gonna kill it. We had a cool little farewell with his fam...bomb food!! I now have 3 great friends who I met in the mish who are now serving in Guatemala, Peru, and Bolivia.... this obra is REAL!

Oh, also...shout out to all those affect by what went down in Paris...found out from a random guy who we met on the street who told me what happened. We are praying for all of those affected like crazy and I just want to remind you all that God is more powerful than any terrorist/evil that exists....TRUST IN HIM!

Love you all...

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