Saturday, May 28, 2016


I forgot to answer my moms, how many miles did we travel this week? I dont know, but we traveled around 800 kilometers between monday-friday. I think that is something like 500 miles....Jeff?

Needless to say, it was an EPIC week. President´s son and his family (him, wife, 3 boys) have been here in Ecuador since last Friday, so due to that we got to travel this week the old fashion way, Ecuadorian Buses. It was awesome. Let me give a very breve run down...sorry if this sounds like a travel log, haha!

Monday we were busy in the office from 9-3, taking care of lots of stuff and holding down President´s post, while he was out with his fam doing a little sight seeing. At 3 we took a 45 minute tram ride down to the terminal, and then headed out to Santo Domingo. We got there at around 8, got some Carls Jr, visited my old bishop and a few converts, and then headed to the zone leaders house, where Elder Higbee is. It was awesome chatting with him, we are both getting a little excited about heading back to the Y. But he is staying focused! ::)

Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Santo Domingo. It went really well. I love SD, the weather and people and food are just great. As soon as the conference ended, we hopped in a bus and headed from Santo Domingo to Ambato. We got to the zone leaders house in Ambato at around 10. 

Wednesday we had Zonf Conf in Ambato. It also went really well. While President was going over the emergency plan with the zone (which we know have by memory, haha!), I got to catch up on my journal, so that was cool. B would be proud. Still keeping up my every day since the year mark streak! Bueno...casi. After the conference we got on a 3 hour bus ride and headed down to Guaranda, a tiny town a few hours outside of Riobamba. There I met up with Elder S and Elder K, while my comp went with another companionship. 

Thursday we worked down there in Guaranda. Elder S finishes with me, and Elder K is a homie from Laguna Beach, CA. He only has 4 months, but is powerful! The day went super well, we had a good day of work, got to attend their district meeting in the morning, and barely caught the last bus (8pm) to head in to Riobamba.

Friday we had Zone Conference in Riobamba. There was a few activities going on towards the end of the conference, so I got to see a few member from my old branch down there! It was a solid conf. 8 out of 22 missionaries in that zone go home with me, so there were some powerful final testimonies to finish off the conference. After that, we hopped on ANOTHER bus, and got home at around 9:30. Home sweet home. Never felt so good to sleep in my own bed. We slept 4 days in 4 different cities. Epic.

Today we played some volley ball, hit a little AbRipperX workout in the morning, bought a dope hammock from an OtovaleƱo Market, and are now about to go buy some food cuz our house it EMPTY.

Well, hope you all enjoyed the travel log. I should be a tour guide some day...if anyone wants to visit Ecuador just holla at your boi. 

Love you all! Have a great week!


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