Saturday, June 4, 2016


Hey all,

This week I will be brief. 

We are continuing to be blessed with both trials and miracles. This week I am especially grateful for trials and small miracles. Last night we had a rough night of work. As you know, our sector is VERY active on the weekends. No one who we planned to visit was home, and many people in the street were far to busy to talk to us. None the less, about 5 minutes before going home, after a long, slightly frustrating night, a member from Washington DC calls out to us and thanks us for all we are doing here, and asking us about the work and our mission experiences. He had served in Paraguay and is currently with a few friends getting to know a few other South American countries. It was awesome talking to him and just getting a little reminder that God will never leave us alone. I am so grateful for these past ¨few¨ months in the mission, although I can hardly find ways to express that. The good times have made me more grateful than I ever though I could be, and the trials have made me stronger than ever. 

Was able to visit and work in one of my old sectors. One of the hardest and most rewarding sectors in my whole mission. 

We will be having missionary leadership council on tuesday, zone conference in Quito on wednesday, and heading into the jungle thursday/friday. Time to stride out!

Love you all. 


Risk. The Gospel will reach the 4 corners of the earth.

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