Saturday, May 21, 2016

One Month... more month until we get 13 new missionaries here in our mission! I am so excited for them! They are going to love it.

This week was ballin. I am currently a little sick right now, and my comp is still sick...he has been pretty messed up for like a month, but they finally got him some meds that actually help him.

This week was full of trainings and finding. We had Zone Conferences on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, in Los Chillos, Turubamba, and La Colón. They all went super well! We also ate pizza in all three. So far, 3/3, let´s see if we can beat last Zone Conference´s 6/8. Haha! We are training for 1.5 hours on the Area Book, we are getting a little creative and so far all the trainings/workshops have gone super well! I have also gotten to see some of my best friends, so that is always a plus.

Oh yeah, the aftershock earthquakes are still going hard. This week there was one at 3am, which was a pretty big/long one. We woke up and ran into the kitchen to wait until it stopped. Although it wasnt as big as the first one (first of like 450 haha) last month, being up on the 6th floor and sleeping with 3 big loud metal bunk beds in our room made it seem WAY stronger than the first. And then that same day during our training there was another one, right before noon. It was also a small one, but big enough to make the church building shake a squeak, so we went to the bball court for a minute until it stopped. It is always a little scary because they say a big quake is due here in Quito, so every time there is a little one you just think to yourself ´´ this the ´´Quito Quake´´?!´´. I love this country! I´d rather worry about earthquakes than Volcanoes like we did last summer. EPIC.

On Satuday we had a great baptismal service. F is a awesome, humble 18 year old who has great desires to continue strong in the church and serve a mission! His girlfriend is a member, so she definitely helping in the fellowship/conversion process. ;)

This week is going to be crazy. Monday evening we leave Quito, and then will be in Santo Domingo on Tuesday for Zone Conf, Ambato on Wednesday for Zone Conf, Thursday some exchanges in Baños or Guaranda, and then Friday Zone Conf in Riobamba. President´s son, daughter in law, and 3 grandsons are here, so we will be bussing it like old times! Gonna be one heck of a week. Especially if we are both still sick. But at this point, there isn´t any time to hold back anything we got! I´m stoked.

Well, love you all! Have a great week!


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