Saturday, May 14, 2016


Good afternoon,

This week has been crazy. Like the first week of every change, we have been running around non-stop. Although, today we got to take a little break to play some bball and go bowling, but now we are about to get running around again to prepare Francisco´s baptismal service at 6pm! 

cloudy days in Quito

First off, skyping with the fam was epic. Can´t believe that was the last of MANY Sorensen skype calls.... Like my mom said, we can always skype next Christmas, we can all through our missionary name badges on, too! ;) It was sweet meeting my new baby niece and talking spanish with my new sister in law (even though we talked when you guys were was fun talking behind the whole fam´s back, haha!)

Right after skyping with the fam, my new companion, Elder L got to the offices and we had a meeting with President to finalized transfers, then call all the zone leaders to send them out, then went to say good bye to a few families with Elder F, and then dinner at President´s house! It was a busy but great day. 

So my new comp. My new comp is Elder L. He is from Colorado, born in Miami, and his dad is Cuban and mom is Puerto Rican, so he speaks perfect Spanish but is still a gringo in my book. He has 3 changes left, so like me will probably be here for his last few months. He is a GREAT missionary, I had a feeling he would be the one I´d finish my mission with for a while, and I am super stoked. We get along great and have very similar personalities. Best of all, he loves to work and be obedient, so these last few weeks are going to fly by. He was a zone leader he in La Colon, so he just had to take a 30 minute bus ride from his old sector. My first kid, Elder B, took his place as the new zone leader in La Colon, so we are super happy to be close together here at the end of my mission. It is gonna be a good, bittersweet change.

This week we made a few trips to the airport, gave a handful for trainings, had a welcome dinner and a farewell dinner, and had a little bit of time to work in our sector. Tonight F will be baptized. We are stoked for him. On Sunday we had Stake Conference, and a member pointed us to a 45ish year old man sitting in the back, so we went and talked to him. Turns out he is from Cuba, lives here alone, has been looking for a way to get closer to God, and has 2 kids in Cuba who will hopefully be here in Ecuador at the end of Summer. He is excited about attending the baptismal service tonight, and about preparing for his own on the 28th of May! We are so stoked to be teaching him. We also found another great couple, who lives in our same apartment building. He is from the Solomon Islands, and she is from Rwanda. We found out she was baptized in Holland, but due to some doctrinal misunderstandings fell away from the church for the past 7 years. They are both really excited to come to church tomorrow. Oh yeah, he went to BYU for a semester on a study abroad scholarship...hahaha such a small world.

Well, we´re outta here. Gotta go get some grub!


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  1. Wow. I checked out my name on google just to see who I really am and Holy Smokes! I just served a mission in Ecuador in South America! I didn't know I had been anywhere near South America! And a Mormon missionary to boot!
    And I have hair again and lost my gut! I really don't remember looking that good though...
    I do remember however serving a mission in Apia Samoa 40 years ago. I always wanted to go back, but just haven't had the chance.
    -Kevin Sorensen Emmett, ID