Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week #___?

Well, I truly dont have too much to say this week. Not because nothing happened, but because I am really tired and dont have my adapter to send some pics, which always jogs my memory. Oh yeah, and next Sunday I get to skype with the fam, so I want to save some stuff to talk about. ;)

We had another very solid, busy, fast, Ecuadorian week. Monday evening we road tripped down to Riobamba with the Christensens. It rained like CRAZY. At one point we couldnt really see anything and we felt like we were on Splash Mountain. It was quite the adventure. We got into Riobamba at around 7:30, got some bomb dinner from Chili´s, and then had interviews/trainings the next day. All the trainings went pretty well. No one has beaten me in arm wrestling ;) I love thinking of ways to make trainings exciting (at least a lil bit more exciting, jajaja).

On Thursday we went to Zone Meetings in Chillogallo, the zone furthest south here in Quito. Afterwards, my comp stayed down there and did exchanges with one of the zone leaders in their sector, while I came back north to our sector to work with Elder W, one of my best buddies from my group. It was a blast working with him. He is great teacher! We also enjoyed some delish Cuy (guinea pig), because he hasnt eaten any since his first month in the mish. At night we played some epic rounds of chess. I have been playing a lot of chess lately. I cant golf, so have to pick up a different Gentlemen´s Sport for now. ;)

Love you all. 


Ps- Shout out to my best friend, Cam, or Elder Cuvelier, who turns 21 on Wednesday!!!! I know marriage is important and all, but I think Cam and I are meant to be life-long roomies. Love you, brodda!

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