Sunday, April 3, 2016


First off, I just want to wish a special FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS a mi mamá, Carebear. My mother is amazing. Today, while listening to General Conference, I noticed that there were a lot of talks about families, children, and parents. I am so grateful for all the my parents have done for me, especially my loving mother. I do not know how on earth she raised four very imperfect children into four (in my mind) pretty amazing people. I love you mucho, Momma beat. And dedicate this talk, to you!!

You have always been there for me and always supported me in ALL that I do. Thanks for everything. Love ya. See you in 11. 

Well, aside from that, I am about out of time. Conference today has been amazing! In 10 minutes we will head back to the church to watch Priesthood session. If you have´t been it dude!

This week was busy and great! Four trips to the airport to pick up missionaries, a few deliscious dinners in Presidents house for Easter, Farewell, and Welcome dinners. And a great day long new missionary/trainers conference on Wednesday. Today CT has his baptismal interview, and the familia C has theirs on Wednesday. I love watching the gospel and love of Jesus Christ change peoples lives for the BETTER. If there is one this I have learned out here..I am nothing. But through Christ, I can become something. Philippians 4:13. 

Love you all! Have a great week! Pray for CT and Familia C!


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