Saturday, April 9, 2016


Hey all!!!

Hope you all had a great week and enjoyed General Conference last weekend. Also, hope you all are enjoying your Saturdays. Especially you, Pops! Sorry I can´t help with some yard work. Haha!

Well, my week was great. Busy as ever...but way solid. 

As most of you know...this past Sunday it was announced that there will be a new temple constructed HERE IN QUITO in the upcoming years. For QuiteƱos, it is about an 8 hour in bus to get to the temple in Guayaquil...and even further for those who live more needless to say everyone is SUPER excited that there will be a temple here in Quito!!! Everyone in all the chapels here in Quito went crazy when President Monson made the announcement. After 21 months here in this country, and 2/3 of that time being here in Quito, I am soooo happy and grateful for this huge blessing for the people of Quito. So epic.

On Tuesday we had a really solid mission leadership council. My comp and I trained on ´´Unity´´. It went really well. This change we have interviews with President, so we have been traveling with him and Hermana C to all the zones and giving specialized trainings to all the districts as President has his interviews. So basically we have been on our feet all day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday morning, and this morning. I kind of miss having real P-days, but there is nothing better than this work!!

I finally have a camera again! I bought a pretty nice one from a missionary for just $25!!! I got way lucky, seeing as he had two and really likes me so gave me the amigo discount! So, I will finally start taking pictures again! This week I took a few, hope you enjoy em! Haha.

Well, I love you all and am grateful for your friendships and examples and emails. You guys rock.


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