Saturday, April 16, 2016


Last Saturday we had a GREAT baptismal service for the Familia C. I love this work!

Today we went bowling. It was EPIC. In our mission we don´t have bowling, so it has obviously been 21 months since I went...but today we got special permission from President to go up into the North Mission and bowl. It was awesome! I bowled 130 (help me, that good?) and won 1st place. Too bad I am no longer in Little League, or else I would be rocking a sweet plastic trophy right now. While we were up north, we got Burger King. Rodeo Cheeseburger....lets goooo.

This week was great. Super busy, again. On Tuesday we went to the jungle (Puyo), and had interviews/trainings with the Zona Oriente. It was a beautiful trip and good seeing some buddies. And we ate some BOMB chocolate cake. Wow. On Wednesday we had interviews/trainings with Zona Ambato...which also went very well. My comp and I found a new family to teach while talking with people on our way to the Zone Leaders house...we taught a quick/powerful 15 minute lesson and then passed them off the the Elders in Ambato..hopefully they can progress. God is preparing MANY! On Thursday, we had interviews/trainings with Zona Chillogallo. They, as well, went well. It rained like CRAZY all the 20 foot run from the chapel to the car SOAKED President/Hna C and us...but it just makes the experience that much better...right? 

Tuesday we will move in to a new house. It is soooo nice. I am stoked. Our old landlord was being super difficult and we have been taking cold showers for 2 months. But now, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Love you all and RIP Kobe. And wattup Steph Curry. RIP Bulls.


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