Monday, February 2, 2015


It was another solid week down here in the EAC (flashback to Nemo...). My new companion and I are getting along great--and I am learning how to truly be patient and think about him before me. We’re heading up North of Quito to go to the Hospital on Wednesday. They aren’t exactly sure whats wrong with his stomach but gave him a few pills that should fix everything. He´ll be aite. 

Today wasnt the most exciting p-day, but it was still solid. We stayed in the house all day to help my comp chill out a lil, which gave me time to get a sweet pre-lunch workout in ( sick as a workout can be with some jugs of water, workout bands, and pushups), and do some reading/relaxing.

One super awesome part about my new companion is, because he does everything a little slow (showers, prepping food, getting ready, etc), its giving me a TON of time to myself. What I do in that time you might ask? Well I´ve already read all the little books about the church i have, watched all the districts, watched all the church vids we have and have already read about 7 months of Jeff´s mission emails (haha, printed out like 250 pages last week!!! Good thing everything is super cheap here...). Anyways, I have a ton of extra time to study and read and learn about all sorts of things that I can apply to the mish. Its slow, but its all good :) 


We are working hard and working well together. We have G and her son E´s baptism this Saturday. I am so excited. We found G about a month ago through a referral, and she has been progressing so well ever since. For the first week or two her sons didnt want anything to do with us, but now the older one (17) is way into it and loves hanging out with us and has been at church and the activities and all is well! He loves WWE Smackdown and is training to be a fighter, so after we talked about sports a ton one day he has kinda opened up. He is a beast and making his mom way happy. Now we just have to get her 15 year old son to stop being such a punk (kidding...kinda). We, and they, are super excited for this Saturday! They already have a ton of friends in the church so it should be a great service! 

Also, A, a 22 year old guy who randomly showed up at church last week with a BoM in his hands is progressing GREAT and attended again and has a baptismal date for the14th of Feb.

And yesterday at church the daughter of a member who moved back in town from the coast showed up and after many years wants to learn more about the church and now has a baptismal date for the 21st of Feb. The blessing are coming in hot--I think its the Big Man helping me out with the emergency changes and all....aint complaining :)

Lastly (fetch....reading Jeffs emails is making me write a ton like him...sorry guys.), last night was probably the sweetest night of the mission. Elder Craig C Christensen, of the Presidency of the Seventy came and spoke to us! He happens to be President Christensen´s thats cool. There were about 120 of us (or something), all of the missionaries from Quito-ish were there. It was soooo epic. Hearing President speak and then his brother was just amazing. Elder Christensen was a mission president in Mexico, so both him and his wife spoke great Spanish. In the beginning of his message he quoted a scripture that I used/bore my testimony about that from that point on it was all just super personal/relative to me. It was so powerful/awesome to hear (and see, from about 15 feet away) a special witness of Jesus Christ bear such a powerful and direct testimony. Overall it was just way awesome. And funny. President and Elder Christensen were cracking jokes to each other during their talks. And when we had a Q&A with Elder Christensen, if it was a super hard or deep question, he would pause, step back, and look back at his brother. It was classic.

Well, I gotta go. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 


The cars that I made from bday card from gma/gpa H. Yeah...not too much happened this week pic wise hahaha.

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