Monday, February 16, 2015



Happy Presidents Day to everyone. I love George Washington!!...jaja

Well, another week came and went. It was a good one. Only have a few minutes so dont expect my normal Oxford/Ms.Okeefe literary devices/skills....

What every ward activity looks like in Ecuador...FUTBOL!

Finally got a side job to make a lil cash... ´´DJ KevvyKev´´

Anyways. First, this Saturday was the baptism of E. His mom got baptized last Saturday and since then he has been SO READY. We had some great visits with him this week, including one with basically the whole Young Mens quorum and the YM President...which was awesome. He went to all the activities at the church this week--including a Stake dance on Saturday (the baptism only started 30 minutes late...but it was worth it because when he showed up about 10 youth did too!) He is a beast and has made some huge changes in his life and I love him like a little brother (not that I would know what that is like....). The baptism was great as ever and I am so grateful to have played a small part in helping somebody find God and trust His son Jesus Christ.

Baptism of E

A 5 meter long Boa snake skin that E’s dad killed....his grandpa is the chief of the Shuars...a tribe in the Amazon. Epic!

Also, before the baptism we had the baptismal interview for a 17 year old whose mother is ( of yesterday:)) less active. She will be baptized this Saturday at 7. All are welcome! Lol.

Oh, I gave a sweet talk yesterday on Missionary Work. I found out Saturday night so I didnt have too much time to prepare...but luckily as a missionary its kinda easy to talk about missionary work! Also, I used a sweet 5 step process of how members can better share the gospel! (thanks Jeff;)). It was good, even the crying babies stopped about halfway Id say it was a success.

Elder F and I

Also, that whole 2 companions thing only lasted 3 days... Something happened in some part of the mission and my new comp from last week got sent to another part of Quito...good old emergency changes....

How our house was for 3 days...before emergency changes AGAIN

Okay, thats about all. OH WAIT. Prophets... This week was an awesome week where I focused my studying on Prophets. The majority of that studying was spent watching some sweet videos/devotions. I watched the 95th Bday Celebration of Gordon B Hinckley, the 200th Bday celebration of Joseph Smith, and Thomas S Monson - On the Lords Errand. WOW. Three INCREDIBLE MEN. I am way grateful for the example those men and all the prophets of God have given us...and their AMAZING lives of service.

Investigator & Less-Active reading the BoM in the park...EPIC!

Well, I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Elder Sorensen

The first of 3 plates of ´´meat´´ from the ward activity. (in Ecuador...its best you dont ask ´what kind of meat is this?´)

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