Monday, February 9, 2015

My first Ecuadorian Surgery......

Just kidding..okay not really. So if you know my father or me/my sibs, you know in our family we get ingrown toenails pretty frequently. Ive had a nice one of my left foot for a few months now, and after doing a lil weekly cutting/digging every week or two... I decided I might as well take advantage of our convert who is a foot doctor. So I rolled in there a little before a lesson, and she took a look at my toe. Before I knew it she was sticking like 4 needles in my toe to numb it...and then went to TOWN. Turns out a fat piece of nail has been chilling in the sidish of my toe, so she took care of that and it bled for a handful of minutes pretty hard, and at the end said ´´Okay you cant walk for the rest of today and all of tomorrow. Stay in bed.´´ Sooo thats what ended up happening. It hurt a TON once all the shots wore off..but the next day it wasnt too bad. Thanks to Ibuprofen and some disinfectant stuff she gave me after those 1.5 days I was all good (kinda...had to rock flip flops for 2 more days after that). We are supposed to call the nurses and only use the hospital that our mission has a deal with...but luckily both the Sister Nurses are my homies so they weren´t too mad--they were actually cracking up as I tried to be smooth as I told them what happened and how I cant work for 1.5 days....but its all good. And I am back in shoes so dont worry about me!! I also took advantage of my day in bed and read Preach my Gospel from cover to cover. That was fun. 

Okay...the good news. G´s baptism was amazing!! She was so excited all week and was so ready and gave such an awesome testimony afterwards. She talked about how in the beginning she wanted to meet with us to help her sons ´´find God´´...and little did she know she was the one who needed to find Him. Her son E is also super happy and has had such a huge change! He had his interview right before the baptism of his mom, and this Saturday at 7.30 (after a Stake dance he and all the youth are going too) he will be baptized! He is such a sweet dude and I am so happy to have helped him be able to change his attitude and his relationship with his mom. He is a beast. Now we just have to help him help his younger brother quit being like he was (he says its probably his fault his brother doesnt want to listen to us...because thats how he was for years up until a few weeks ago...with time!)

  Baptism of G, and her son who is getting baptized next week!

Oh yeah...changes. Last night we got changes. I am staying in Solanda with my companion Elder T who came to me 2 weeks ago. Buuuuut, we are getting a third comp--Elder M from Colombia. Trios are super rare and there is only 1 right now in the itll be a fun change and an even bigger/better chance to learn and develop patience! He has about 21 months and has had a rough mission up until now, but Im sure we’ll all get along well and keep working hard/having success! 

Also, something AWESOME happened earlier today. We were walking to the super market to buy food for the week...and ran into one of our less-actives and her daughter (who we are baptizing next Saturday) in the park reading the Book of Mormon and taking about STUDYING THE SCRIPTS! That was awesome to see. We are super excited for the chance they have been having and are excited to be able to help the daughter prepare for this awesome stepping stone in her life!

As a mission we are doing this thing called  ´´Fe de Febrero, Milagros de Marzo´´, which means Faith of February, Miracles of March. As a mission we are making a handful of sacrifices for these next 2 months, in order to see miracles in the month of March. We are doing 5 things....1) Reading the Book of Mormon start to finish and marking every reference to Christ. 2) weekly service activities 3) Mission wide fast on the 14th-15th of both months (join us if you want!!) 4) Focusing personal studies on chapter 6 of PMG, Attributes of Christ (there is 1 for every week) and 5) Personal Sacrifice(s). My personal sacrifices are 1) Im not gonna talk English this whole change...which isnt too tough except for District meetings and Pdays....but hopefully itll help my Spanish a lot! And 2) always carry a Book of Mormon on me for these 2 months. A ton of missions do that but literally NO ONE here does thanks to a lil inspiration from Big Jeff, im gonna go for it these 2 months and see what happens!

Speaking of Big Jeff...finished his MASSIVE stack of mission emails. What a mission the first of the Kent R Sorinsins had!!! Def has given me some new motivation to be better and work harder! I am blessed like crazy to be down here in Ecuador. Good work Elder;)

Well, im outta here. Love you all and thanks to each and every one of you for all the love/support/everything!

Elder Sorensen

 ....Rocking the sandals.

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